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JHTCM Becomes a National Pilot Hospital for Modern Hospital Management

Release date:2019-03-27 16:09

       Released by National Health Commission, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, National Medical Insurance Bureau and National Traditional Medicine Administration several days ago, the Notice on Establishing a Sound Pilot Modern Hospital Management System stimulated a sound modern hospital management system should be establish in 148 pilot hospitals, and Jiaxing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine (JHTCM) is one of them, the only one of hospitals of traditional Chinese medicine in Zhejiang.

Building a sound management system for modern hospitals is a must to follow the development rule of medical and health undertakings, but it will take a long time. What has JHTCM done to attract so much attention? Shouldering the responsibility and task to explore the construction of modern hospital management system, this hospital will influence the comprehensive reform of public hospitals. What is the influence? The reporter made interviews in this respect.

“Opportunities belong to those who make sufficient preparation. Becoming a pilot hospital is a confirmation of our years’ efforts in adherence to ‘patients-centered concept’ and in continuous improvement of management systems, innovation in management measures, and scientific and normalized management improvement.” In the interview, Shen Ruilin, director of JHTCM, said, “To establish a sound modern hospital system is the final reform target of public hospitals. In other words, the day to implement modern hospital management systems is the time for public hospitals to make successes in reform, so it is extremely important. This success to be a pilot hospital indicates our past reform and progress has taken the lead in the whole country in public hospital reform. Our hospital has laid a firm foundation for the pilot reform for public hospital reform.”

A group of data can prove that this hospital has achieved great effect in management innovation. In 2018, the income from selling medicines accounted for 18.42% of its all, much lower than 30% required by public hospitals. Its per capital inpatient and outpatient expenses are just 7,838.18 yuan and 215.26 yuan respectively, the lowest among the same grade hospitals in Zhejiang and even in the whole country. In addition, the number of the daytime operation accounted for 30% of its all operation amount; the average inpatient time for each patient was just 7.13 days in 2018, and fell to 5.72 days this February... These measures for the cost control and quality and efficiency improvement decreased patients’ burdens, increased the hospital’s incomes and further optimized its income structure.

Meanwhile, as a manager, Shen Ruilin keeps pace with today’s renovation in hospital’s management mechanism and international surging medical reform. Based on the informatization, JHTCM strengthens management, optimizes medical treatment procedures, issues ten reform measures, takes the lead in reconstructing informatization-based outpatient service procedures, cancels window-based outpatient registration and establishes a remote electrocardio platform available to all inpatient wards. The number of patients checked by this platform has reached 12,000 since its operation online in March 2018. This hospital has established a one-stop center for patients to make appointments with doctors and technicians, a preparation center for hospitalization and outpatient e-medical history system, and planned to establish the “Offline Self-service Center for the Combination of Alipay and Face Scanning ” and “Internet JHTCM”. Its efforts in informatization were fully confirmed by national and provincial administrations of traditional Chinese medicine.

After communications with other participants at “National Work Conference of Traditional Chinese Medicine & Experience Exchange on Medical Service Improvement”, the experience of this hospital “providing facilitation for those receiving Chinese traditional treatment” was included into Work Tasks for Traditional Chinese Medicine 2018 and was introduced twice through CCTV and spread all over the country, making “Internet+Traditional Chinese Medicine” familiar to all. In 2018 , JHTCM won different international and national honors like Annual Hospital CEO Excellence Award, Advanced Collective in Health and Birth Control, China Hospital Management and Innovation Award. “The Party Central Committee and the central government have been attaching importance to the work on people’s livelihood. Our “providing facilitation for those receiving traditional Chinese treatment” was widely accepted and our experience can be spread all over the country. ” said Shen Ruilin.

According to Shen Ruilin, two preconditions are indispensable to better public hospitals through establishing modern hospital management systems. The first is that a public hospital must be “public”. It must focus on “non-profit” and give priority to social benefits. The second is that public hospitals must keep improving diagnosis skills. In recent years, this hospital has given play to the advantage of the traditional Chinese medical treatment, implemented the “Famous Doctor Project”, “13th Five-Year” Talents Planning and professional talents training plan, made effective measures, spread and applied traditional Chinese treatment technologies to positively give play to the convenient role of the traditional Chinese medical treatment in improving people’s health. On the other hand, this hospital has given equal importance to the western medical and traditional Chinese medical treatment, cooperated with famous hospitals of Shanghai and Hangzhou in orthopedics, proctology, tumor, hepatopathy and nephropathy, established Jiaxing Burning and Wound Reapir Center and Jiaxing Eye Disease Diagnosis and Treatment Center and strengthened the construction of Workshop for Famous Doctors and Academician Workstation. In recent years the hospital has achieved sustainable development and was confirmed and praised by authorities and the public.

According to the Notice, JHTCM is endeavoring to “formulate chapter” and “improving decisions making procedure” “Next, we will establish Internet JHTCM to extend service space and time, improve our professional management, optimize balance of payment, innovate salary system reform and improve our economic management through internal control to enhance and implement modern hospital management systems. With ‘once we do ,we will try our best” in mind, we will start our pilot work to push ahead with the medical system reform. Jiaxing Health Commission has been attaching importance to this pilot work and has held special meetings for it. We have listed it as our first work this year, and will make a specific plan and responsibility list. I believe our pilot work will make outstanding progress and contribute a lot to the pubic hospital reform in the joint supports of all parties concerned.”


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