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First 5G Unmanned Vehicle of Zhejiang Born in Jiaxing

Release date:2019-07-19 16:32

When a car in its front stops, a Ford car comes to stop slowly; when the car in its front tries to run side by side with others, it slows down, and when the car succeeds, it then speeds up.... Now on the roads of Jiashan Intelligence Connected Vehicle Industry Park, a Ford Mondeo car is testing its response to various emergencies, but the driver of this car does not use the steering wheel. All are controlled by the car itself. Its successful disposal of emergencies indicates the first 5G intelligent connected vehicle of Zhejiang is born in Jiaxing and Jiaxing has taken a big step forward in unmanned driving technologies.

Turn dreams into reality

On the test field of the intelligent connected vehicles, technicians are testing the cars with their laptops. When the car finds a pedestrian, it stops automatically and starts again when he passes by. When a red traffic light is on, it brakes automatically. Such tests also happen on S-shaped and uphill roads. The whole test filed of the unmanned vehicles is like the test field for drivers’ license, but their difference is that the former is the car itself is tested, while the latter is  the driver who is tested.  

“The unmanned vehicle is a common car. It is able to run automatically because it is equipped with an intelligent driving system, Cloud intelligent service system and various sensors.” said an engineer of Yushi Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., which is an unmanned driving solutions supplier. 

Actually, this company is a “new friend” of Jiashan. It settled in Jiashan Industrial New City in July in 2017. The development direction of the company is to develop “low-speed unmanned driving cars in special conditions.” Within just two years, its products have been sold to Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou and Hangzhou Raffles City.

During the lunch time of each workday in Jiashan Industrial New City, two unmanned e-cars of the company shuttle between Jiashan Planning Pavilion and Shanghai Talents Pioneering Park to drive the staff to the New City.

Now the cars in the test can run automatically as fast as the car driven by men on the road. In the future, they can run automatically at a higher speed.

The unmanned car depends on 5G technologies development. In the third ten days of June, 2019, Jiashan Branch of China Mobile cooperated with Jiashan Industrial New City to jointly establish the first 5G communication base station, and now has constructed an intelligent connected vehicle test field covered by the 5G network. The third-party test operator - Zhejiang Cexun Co., Ltd. also joined them to establish 5G-based intelligent connected vehicle R&D test and technology base to facilitate the realization of intelligent driving technologies.

“5G technologies are high in speed and wide in coverage and can help high-speed unmanned cars respond more rapidly than men.” said Xu Gaowei, a deputy general manager of Jiashan Branch of China Mobile. Aided by 5G technologies, it just takes an unmanned car a millisecond to sense obstacles nearby. What does a millisecond mean? If you stick your arm with a needle, it will take you 200 milliseconds to feel pain. The car just moves 3.3 centimeters after it senses obstacles and makes responses when it runs at a speed of 120 kilometers an hour.

Build an intelligent auto ecology

In recent years unmanned driving has tended to be a hot topic. As early as last August, “National Intelligent Connected Vehicle (Jiashan, Zhejiang) Demonstration Zone” formulated by Jiashan was included into a province-ministry operation agreement, and Jiashan was approved to build a national “5+2” pilot city and establish a demonstration zone for Internet-based intelligent autos and intelligent transportation. Located in the central area of Jiashan Industrial New City, this demonstration zone is to be built into an open ecology shared harmoniously by men, vehicles, roads, Internet, cloud and cities.

Engaged in the technologies research and test like 5G application, Internet of Autos (intelligent connected vehicles) and auto-road coordination, this demonstration zone will concentrate the construction of “one center, three bases and various laboratories” to build an advanced application and test demonstration base for intelligent driving and transport in the Yangtze River Delta region.

“One center” refers to the Internet of Autos (Intelligent connected vehicles) operation center with a planned area of 2,000 square meters and four functions: testing, monitoring, demonstrating and communicating. “Three bases” refers to three closed test bases to test industrial situations of the Park, urban open test roads and the intelligent driving & auto-road coordination.

Various laboratories are established to research and develop key technologies of intelligent autos and transport and attract technology R&D platforms by cooperation with sci-tech enterprises and R&D centers. At present, Zhejiang Cexun Co., Ltd. and Intelligent Auto Design and Security Research Center of Tsinghua University have been attracted and VTEHIL has been established. Suzhou Lingchuang Ruidi Test Technology Co., Ltd. (a core member of Jiangsu Intelligence Connected Auto Innovation Center) has been attracted to establish its laboratory for intelligent sensor test.

“With the help of this demonstration zone, this county is accelerating the construction of intelligent connected vehicle ecology of sustainable development to focus on the research of sensing, decisions making, execution and intelligent connection to gather hi-tech enterprises engaged in the R&D of intelligent connected vehicles.” said Chen Xiao from Jiashan Economy and Information Bureau.

  Currently, a large number of leading sci-tech projects on intelligent driving solutions, ADAS system, millimeter wave radar and laser radar have been attracted from Zhejiang Cexun Co., Ltd., UISEE, Nationalchip, Zhejiang Jingjing Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., etc. In the future, Jiashan Intelligent Connected Vehicle Demonstration Zone will expedite the construction of test scenes, enlarge the coverage of 5G networks and open more 5G-based roads to take the lead in developing intelligent connected vehicles in the Yangtze River Delta.  

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