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Efforts Intensified in Jiaxing Port Area to Drive High-Quality Development of Service Industry

Release date:2019-08-16 11:22

Since the beginning of the year, Jiaxing Port Area has stepped up efforts in high-quality development, in “serving enterprises, people, and grassroots departments”, in the campaigns “The Year for Facilitating Projects” and “The Year for Creating a Better Business Environment”, and in major work to forcefully push ahead with the high-quality development of its service industry, which now has achieved generally steady and progressive development. According to the news from the Service Industry Development Bureau of Jiaxing Port Area (SIDBJPA), the value added of the service industry of this port area reached 1.91 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 6%, and the investment in the service industry grew by 8.4% year on year.

The service sector of Jiaxing Port Area achieved steady and progressive development and the investment in its service industry grew fastest in Jiaxing.

In the first half of 2019, the construction of Fucheng Commercial Complex-the first comprehensive commercial complex in Jiaxing Port Area started. As a major service industry project with a total investment of USD 98 million of Jiaxing Port Area, it is a multifunctional business complex for living, business, transport, shopping, entertainment, cultural activities and social interaction. Once put into use, it will serve as a retail center with various functions, convenient transport facilities and good environment. What is more, it has attracted a project of Hilton.

According to an official from SIDBJPA, this complex will improve local people’s life quality and prosper local retail markets for its high qualities, various functions and commercial activities.

The reporter learns that the service sector of the port area made remarkable development in the first six months of the year. Its value added reached 1.91 billion yuan, a growth of 6% year on year, 1.5 percentage points higher than that of the same period of the previous year. The investment in service industry grew by 8.4% year on year, accounting for 53.5% of the total fixed asset investment of the whole port area, and grew fastest in Jiaxing. The investment in the service sector of hi-tech industries grew by 567.7%. The revenue of the service industry reached 570 million yuan in the first half of the year, a year-on-year growth of 28.9%.

As far as logistics are concerned, the cargo throughput of Zhapu Port (a part of Jiaxing Port ) amounted to 31.834 million tons, accounted for 59.0% of Jiaxing Port. It transferred 793,000 TEUs, accounting for 88.4% of Jiaxing Port, a growth of 15%, and carried 93,000 TEUs through sea-river joint transportation, a year-on-year growth of 32.8%.

The rapid development of sea-river joint transportation has been a highlight of Zhapu Port in recent years. As early as 2012, the ship route “Zhaopu -Dongzhou” for sea-river joint container transportation was opened and this year good news and key breakthroughs appeared one after another.

According to the reporter, Jiaxing Port Area has stepped up efforts to cluster modern service industries and issued Development Plan for Modern Service Industry Cluster Area of Jiaxing Port Area. This development plan focuses on the development of commerce, trade service, incubation, digital economy, international exchanges, logistics, port service, etc. Meanwhile a sand table for this industrial cluster area has been made, further intensifying the publicity.

In addition, after sorting out the subsidy and award policies in favor of the development of the service industry and the major industries of new economy parks, Jiaxing Port Area revised Policies and Suggestions on Accelerating the Development of Modern Service Industry and Implementation Measures on Supporting the Enterprises in New Economy Park of Hangzhou Bay of Jiaxing (Trial). 37 new policies were issued this year, further enhancing the quality and efficiency of service industry of Jiaxing Port Area.

Considerate services are provided to create optimal business environment.

This March, Chen Weiping, a manager of Lekai International E-Commerce Industrial Park, came to SIDBJPA and presented the official of this bureau with a flag marked with the words “Sincere Thanks for Your Efforts in Providing Considerate Services and Building Harmonious Society” to express his sincere thanks for its optimal services. 

With a total investment of USD 120 million, Lekai International E-Commerce Industrial Park was a major investment project attracted to Jiaxing Port Area in 2018. This project encountered some difficulties in its construction this year and the construction process was delayed.

For example, it had no temporary offices; high-tension cables needed moving; new roads needed constructing... “Every thing is difficult before it is easy. As to these difficulties, we can not settle them by ourselves. ” After receipt of seeking help, SIDBJPA attached great importance to it, cooperated with other departments concerned to make investigations, held six relevant meetings, tried to find solutions, and finally solved all difficulties within the shortest time, which facilitated the smooth construction of the project.

Besides, before the construction of Fucheng Commercial Complex, SIDBJPA established a special group to step up efforts to solve problems and difficulties appearing in the construction process of Fucheng Commercial Complex and volunteered to provide services for it.

Since the beginning of the year, SIDBJPA served enterprises, people, and grassroots units, pushed forward with “The Year for Facilitating Projects” and “The Year for Creating a Better Business Environment”, explored new service modes, upgraded “baby-sitter-like service mode to mother-like one to make enterprises feel warmer and more affable and tangible. According to the official mentioned above, many efficient measures have been introduced to help enterprises get rid of their problems and difficulties to benefit them.  

The optimal business environment has enhanced the reputation of Jiaxing Port Area, and boosted the project and investment attraction. In the first half of the year, the foreign investment in actual use by the service industry of this port area reached USD 27.21 million, a year-on-year growth of 45.8%, ranking the second in growth in Jiaxing.

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