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New Progress Achieved in Sea-River Joint Transportation in Jiaxing

Release date:2019-08-09 11:21

“In the future both parties will deepen the cooperation in sea-river joint transportation projects, optimize the measures on the control and management of ships, construct shipping infrastructure, improve efficiency and emergency capacity of ports, construct information platforms... ” said an official. Several days ago, Jiaxing Marine Bureau and Jiaxing Port Administration Co., Ltd. Signed the Cooperation Agreement on Promoting Sea-River Joint Transportation for High-Quality Development of Jiaxing Port, and reached various cooperation consensus.

With a good location and convenient transportation, Jiaxing Port is the only port of the northern regions of Zhejiang Province, and one of China’s Grade-I ports opened to the world . Based on its advantages, Jiaxing has intensified efforts in sea-river joint transportation in recent years and now is striving to build a leading area of Zhejiang in sea-river joint transportation. In the first half of the year, the economic development along the sea and rivers of Jiaxing Port has obtained obvious accomplishments. The statistics of the first half of the year showed that the number of ships sailing into and out of Jiaxing Port reached 40,000 and the cargo throughput totaled 50 million tons, both setting new records.

How to give play to the advantages of the sea-river joint transportation of Jiaxing Port? How to propel the development of the sea-river joint transportation of Jiaxing Port for high-quality development? “Efforts in investment projects can further strengthen regional development momentum. The government departments responsible for marine affairs will participate in the management of the sea-river joint transportation projects in advance, guide their feasibility researches, issue relevant licenses etc. to accelerate investment projects.” said an official from Jiaxing Marine Bureau.

Recent years have witnessed the strong development momentum of the inland water container transportation of Jiaxing Port. The container lines Changxing of Huzhou and Dongzhou of Hangzhou are the most prominent. Every day they are in full load transport. Many private enterprises also invest in sea-river joint transportation. It is said that the departments responsible for marine affairs volunteer to serve as “advisers” to optimize again the management and control of ships for the safe and efficient operation of ports. “We cooperate closely with pilotage agencies of ports, maritime schools and universities and shipping companies, issue feasible management and control measures, and make risk assessments of rapids and vile weather and reduce as much as possible the impact of ship management and control on ports to further strengthen the port capacity.” said the official mentioned above.

The rapid construction of ports comes from Jiaxing’s strong desire to develop marine economy. According to the statistics, the number of wharves of Jiaxing Port has grown to 37 from 24 of the year 2012 and the number of the national Grade-I wharves opened to the world has increased to 11 from past five ones. The reporter learns from the Cooperation Agreement on Promoting Sea-River Joint Transportation for High-Quality Development of Jiaxing Port , both parties will provide supports for the infrastructure construction of sea-river transportation like the construction of the channel Chenshan, and the anchorage Dushan No. 2 to meet the development requirement of Jiaxing Port, a “100-million-ton” port. In addition, the management of channels and anchorages will be further strengthened to keep the transport of Jiaxing Port in order.

Current world ports tend to develop based on informatization, which is an important content and support to create the soft environment of the port-based industry. Both parties will jointly construct intelligent information platforms integrating big data analysis, cloud calculation, application service and information security, build digital platforms for port management and operation, and upgrade workshop supervision, production scheduling, port logistics, etc.

“The signature of this strategic cooperation agreement is a significant measure to implement provincial decisions to build a strong province in marine economy, and a practice to facilitate the high-quality development of Jiaxing Port and its integration into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta.” said the official mentioned above. Next the government departments responsible for marine affairs will fully implement this cooperation agreement, forcefully support major projects in terms of the sea-river joint transportation, give full play to the production capacity of Jiaxing Port and enhance its comprehensive competitiveness to ensure the rapid, efficient and secure sea-river joint transportation of Jiaxing Port.

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