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Efforts Intensified in Jiaxing to Promote the High-quality Development of Bio-Pharmaceutical Industry

Release date:2021-06-04 10:51

Jiaxing has made highly efficient measures to boost the high quality development of its bio-pharmaceutical industry. The reporter learned from Jiaxing Economy and Information Bureau that the “Suggestions of the Office of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government on Accelerating the High-quality Development of Bio-pharmaceutical Industry” was issued a few days ago. Five policies and five supporting measures will be implemented to promote the the development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

The status quo of the bio-pharmaceutical industry of Jiaxingthe bio-pharmaceutical industry is developing tremendously and rapidly.

The bio-pharmaceutical industry now is one of the emerging industries with the most active innovation and the most far-reaching influence in the world and will become a hot field of global industrial competition in the future and the development priority of China’s strategic emerging industries. The bio-pharmaceutical industry has been identified as one of the emerging industries to be cultivated in Jiaxing during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

The current development situation of the bio-pharmaceutical industry in Jiaxing shows that more measures have been issued to develop this industry with the result that its scale is being rapidly enlarged, profits being obviously increased and guarantee mechanisms being more perfect. More high-quality projects of this industry have been attracted to Jiaxing in recent years and Jiaxing has made remarkable progress in cultivating and developing the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

By the end of 2020, there were 245 bio-pharmaceutical production enterprises in all, among which there were 201 medical equipment manufacturers, 12 cosmetics manufacturers and 32 pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In 2020, the gross industrial products and sales revenue of the medical equipment industry reached 2.783 billion yuan 2.365 billion yuan respectively, a respective year-on-year growth of 69.6% and 26.5%, and those of the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry reached 3.756 billion yuan and 3.808 billion yuan respectively, a respective year-on-year growth of 10.8% and 16.2%.

Jiaxing has been working hard to build a high-level platform to gather and develop the bio-pharmaceutical industry. In recent years, Jiaxing has built a number of top-end bio-pharmaceutical industrial parks such as Nanhu Life Health Microelectronic Industry Park, Xiuzhou Zhilian Health Industry Park in Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone, China Guigu Science Park, Pinghu Bio-pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Juanhu International Sci-tech City, Hangzhou Bay Intelligent Medical Industrial Park and Zhejiang EU-US Biological Sci-tech Industrial Park.

More measures have been made to inspire high-quality enterprises, major projects, top-end personnel and capital to flow to the  platforms of the bio-pharmaceutical industry. Jiaxing Science City has gathered a large number of high-quality bio-pharmaceutical enterprises such as Quaero Life Science, Taige Data Management Co., Ltd. and Botaniex Inc. Located in Jiaxing Science City, Jiaxing Mini-Invasive Medical Industrial Park has been approved as a pilot project to share infrastructure and testing resources, making Jiaxing the first pilot city whose medical device manufacturer is able to share resources in Zhejiang. Juanhu International Science and Technology City in Haining has been included in “Zhejiang Provincial Bio-economic Development Action Plan”.

With a total investment of 10.58 billion yuan, a top-end pharmaceutical R&D and industrialized project from Arthur Group settled in Jiaxing Science City; with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, a bio-pharmaceutical project from Everest Medicines Limited settled in Jiashan County; and with a total investment of USD 1.5 billion, Xiuzhou Health Medical Industrial Base from Dewert Okin is to be established in Xiuzhou National High-tech Zone, etc. The major platforms have promoted large projects, and the latter have promoted Jiaxing’s tremendous development in recent years, especially the leap-forward development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry.

The future development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry: “5+5” policies will promote the leap-forward development of Jiaxing’s bio-pharmaceutical industry.

“To issue those favorable policies is to seize the development opportunities of the bio-pharmaceutical industry, upgrade the  bio-pharmaceutical industry to the middle and top ends of the industrial chain. Remarkable progress has been achieved in enlarging the scale, enhancing core competitiveness, and optimizing the layout and structure of the med-pharmaceutical industry,” said an official from Jiaxing Economy and Information Bureau.

Jiaxing will strive to achieve an annual average growth of 20% at least in the bio-pharmaceutical industry during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

In 2021, Jiaxing will further perfect favorable policies to support the bio-pharmaceutical industry, set up a special work team for it, improve the promotion mechanism of the industrial development to form a good policy environment. By 2023, Jiaxing will put into four to five bio-pharmaceutical industrial parks, attract or cultivate more than 10 top-end bio-pharmaceutical enterprises and make outstanding achievements in gathering major industries, perfecting innovation systems and constructing high-energy industrial platforms. The output value of the bio-pharmaceutical industry will be twice that of 2020. By 2025, Jiaxing will cultivate, in the bio-pharmaceutical industry, three to four competitive industrial fields and two to three industrial clusters each with the output value of 10 billion yuan, and lay a solid foundation to develop Jiaxing into a region developed and influential in the Yangtze River Delta in terms of the bio-pharmaceutical industry with “100-billion-yuan production capacities and 1,000-billion-yuan market value”.

Jiaxing will implement such favorable and efficient policies in developing the med-pharmaceutical industry to attract major projects, inspire enterprises to make innovations, industrialize research achievements and provide more effective services for enterprises.

In order to support the industrialization of enterprises’ research achievements, various beneficial policies will be issued. For example, Jiaxing will offer the subsidies for 10% of the investment in purchasing production equipment to an industrialized project which has obtained a drug registration certificate and whose investment reaches 100 million yuan to 500 million yuan (excluding the investment in R&D), but the maximum subsidies to each individual project will not exceed 20 million yuan; and the subsidy standard will be increased to 12% if the investment of a project amounts to over 500 million yuan, but the maximum subsidies to each individual project will not exceed 40 million yuan.

Meanwhile, such measures will be made to support the high-quality development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry as strengthening leadership, promoting industrial cooperation and exchanges, providing financial support, give full play to the roles of experts and business associations and improve the assessment and evaluation system.

In terms of financial support, Jiaxing will set up a municipal bio-pharmaceutical development fund for five billion yuan. The amount of its first phase is one billion yuan, which will be operated in a market-oriented way.

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