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The National Symposium for Dragon Boat Festival of Jiaxing Held in Haiyan

Release date:2021-07-06 16:41

      The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival of the Chinese nation. Actually, it is also  an epidemic prevention festival with a history of approximately 1,000 years. On May 13, 2021, the National Symposium for Dragon Boat Festival of Jiaxing was held at the South-north Lake Scenic Area in Haiyan. Sponsored by the Chinese Folklore Society and Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government, the Symposium was attended by experts and scholars across the country to discuss the folk customs on the Dragon Boat Festival and civilized life.

      2021 is the 13th year for Jiaxing to hold the Symposium. Against the background of the normal epidemic prevention and control, this year’s symposium themed by “Dragon Boat Festival and Civilized Life” reviewed the history of the Dragon Boat Festival and other traditional Chinese festivals and their links with the civilized life in an all-round, multi-angle and in-depth way, and studied the close relationship between traditional festivals and civilized life, especially public health. The Symposium also discussed China’s wisdom, strength and speed in global epidemic prevention and control and how to better inherit the essence of the Dragon Boat Festival culture in the New Era, and advocated generations of fine traditional cultures of Chinese nation, and the concepts, habits and lifestyles of modern civilization.

      Different from the symposiums in the past, this one has more profound academic value and practical significance. From the perspectives of analysis and research of foreign and domestic folk cultures, especially the folk culture on the Dragon Boat Festival, this symposium highlighted the interdependent relationship between epidemic prevention and people’s way of life and discuss and summarized people’s wisdom in the fight against diseases, which would promote epidemic prevention and control and ecological civilization progress, carry forward the healthy way of life and promote the combination of traditional culture and modern civilization.

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