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Located in the northeast of Zhejiang province, Jiaxing city is the hinterland of Hang-Jia-Hu Plain in the Yangtze River Delta. It is between latitude 30°21'and 30°2'north, and longitude between 120°18'and 121°16'east, facing the sea in the east ,leaning on the Qiantang River in the south, bearing on the Tai lake in the north, and connecting with the Tianmu Mountain in the west. The Gran...
Wuzhen - A Future “Globally Famous Intelligent and Fascinating Town”
Date :2018-05-18    Resource:
    Several days ago, Wuzhen, a town of Jiaxing and the permanent site for the World Internet Conference (WIC), cooperated with Zhangjiang, a hi-tech park of Shanghai, in incubators construction, which makes the capital, information, projects and talents of the latter available to Wuzhan. From now on, Wuzhen’s enterprises will be able to develop better with the help of Zhangjiang and vice versa. As to Wuzhen, this is a bonus arising from the World Internet Conference·Wuzhen Summit.

  There are other bonuses. Since Wuzhen became the permanent site for the WIC, local Internet industry has turned into an “oasis” from a “desert”. Currently, the number of the registered Internet enterprises in Wuzhen reaches 300. With more and more enterprises with new commercial activities, new thinking modes and new technologies settling down in Wuzhen, a large number of talents are also attracted to come here. In recent four years, over 700 talents with a bachelor, master or doctor’ degree have chosen to settle down here, including some senior executives from international corporations. 

  “In recent four years, three changes have occurred to Wuzhen. It has held the WIC for four years in succession and experienced thorough changes. In terms of industrial development, Internet-based economy has become an indispensable part of local economy and now it is driving local high-quality rise. In social governance, Wuzhen Summit brings new social governance platforms like ‘Wuzhen Housekeepers’ and further deepens social governance. As far as local residents are concerned, they have a wider vision, a broader international outlook and are more farsighted and inclusive than they used to be. Those changes strengthen Wuzhen’s centripetal forces and enhance its competitiveness, making it nearer to the target of building a ‘globally famous intelligent and fascinating town’” said Jiang Wei, a member of the standing committee of the CPC Tongxiang Municipal Committee and secretary of CPC Wuzhen Committee.

  From zero to numerous excellent Internet enterprises

  In the past there was no Internet industry in Wuzhen, but now numerous Internet enterprises of high quality have been established. Several days ago, Institute of Digital China, Peking University, signed a cooperation agreement with Wuzhen to build a town of digital economy. According to the agreement, the technologies and resources of the sixth generation of the digital economy platform of the Institute of Digital China, Peking University, are to be used for researching, applying and publicizing Wuzhen’s headquarters-based economy, satellite industry, big data-based agricultural industry, new products releases and exhibitions with a view to building Wuzhen into a model town advanced in digital economy. According to a manager of this cooperation project, it is an innovative one, and can be renowned as “a mini national economy system”, therefore it will be of great significance to the future digital economic development.

  Innovations are the common features of Wuzhen’s enterprises which make innovations in technological modes or operation modes. Those innovations have changed Wuzhen into a dynamic and innovative center and brought endless possibilities for its development, which is evidenced by the birth of Wuzhen Internet Hospital, Zhejiang Big Data Transaction Center and Intelligent Urban (Wuzhen) Joint Lab. Led by the enterprises with innovative philosophy, Wuzhen’s native enterprises have also developed rapidly. Jiaxing Yichuan Network Co., Ltd. is a native enterprise to provide integrated solutions for various payment products. Every day it handles 130,000 transactions online. Today it has set up its branch in Shenzhen.

       The booming Internet industry is inspiring local traditional industries, which just stood by in the early period, then doubted it later and now they begin to “embrace it”. Local traditional industries have upgraded themselves. Sanzhenzai Food Co., Ltd. located in Wuzhen, is a traditional agriculture enterprise and its traditional product is soy-preserved duck. In the new era when good wine needs bush, the Internet opens a brand new sales channel for the company and helps it to sell products to other countries. Meanwhile the online marketing also changes its traditional production mode, and part of its products can be sold on the basis of personalized customization, at which company’s executives are happily surprised. They decide to make full use of the Internet to start a new business.

  In Wuzhen, Internet industry has achieved rapid development, and a rising number of Internet enterprises begin to settle here and more and more traditional enterprises adopt the “Internet+” mode. Wuzhen has become a real Internet town, where resources are shared, and Internet ecology tends to be perfect.

  The annual World Internet Conference·Wuzhen Summit attracts political and economic leaders and scholars at home and abroad every year. More than 100 annual conferences of enterprises, seminars and products promotions are held here, making Wuzhen “crowded” every month, which requests it to improve its social governance. In addition, it has to enhance its security and satisfaction degrees and create a more harmonious industrial development environment for investment attraction.

  Local officials know these well. Guided by the Party building, a group of “Wuzhen Housekeepers” made up of ordinary residents are born. They serve as housewives, or postmen (postwomen), milk carriers, or taxi drivers; they collect garbage, ease traffic jams, make publicity and mediate conflicts. What they do is beneficial to the smooth opening of the WIC and to the improvement of local civilization, security, harmony and social order. In order to further integrate resources, give play to the roles of Wuzhen Housekeepers, Wuzhen Housekeepers Center was established online last year. It is an integrated online-offline command center for social governance, which combines all resources of local authorities concerned and villages (communities). Meanwhile, it established a “Party building + governance” mode. Currently it can achieve joint social governance just by clicking the mouse. Today, whether they are among “Wuzhen Housekeepers” or not, local residents all hold the idea “Wuzhen is my home, and I am its housekeeper” to unite together for the social governance.

  “Wuzhen Housekeeper” is an efficient exploration for the combination of self governance, legal governance and moral governance. Wuzhen B&B Association is established, which plays a positive role in maintaining local harmony and stability. It is known that the annual trips of visitors to Wuzhen reaches 10 million. The influx of tourists propels the rapid development of B&B industry. Till now 500 families have engaged themselves in B&B industry. In order to eradicate hidden dangers in fire prevention, public security, etc., and impel the sound development of tourism, Wuzhen sets up a B&B management mode with local characteristics, combines “self governance, legal governance and moral governance”, establishes the self-regulation mechanism for the B&B industry, optimizes B&B market environment and enhances the quality and reputation of B&B industry.

  “The WIC brings pressure to our social governance, but our residents demonstrate a strong sense of honor and responsibility, so we establish a series of new platforms for social governance like ‘Wuzhen Housekeepers’ and Wuzhen Natives based on the combination of self governance, legal governance and moral governance. Our social environment tends to be more harmonious, laying a solid foundation for future development.” said Yang Xuekang, deputy secretary of CPC Wuzhen Committee.

  From a “small city view” to an “international view”

  Several days ago, a symposium on Internet enterprises was held in Wuzhen. At the luncheon of enterprises’ executives, a birthday cake was taken to the dinning table. The next day was the birthday of a manager at table, who came from UK. The staff of this symposium made meticulous preparation and made this foreign participant spend a happy birthday with others. He was moved deeply by this cake. “They are so considerate. It is out of my expectation.”

  A birthday cake mirrors local governments’ strong service awareness. “We hope every entrepreneur coming to Wuzhen has a sense of belonging. Today in Wuzhen, there are many entrepreneurs at home and abroad. What we do is to assure them of no trouble or worries and make them feel warm and comfortable in Wuzhen. We ask our staff to work in an efficient and considerate way.” said Chen Dongxu, a member of the CPC Wuzhen Committee. Every week officials responsible for investment attraction are organized to learn professional knowledge on investment attraction and services to enhance their quality in these respects. In addition, Wuzhen invented the mode “Asking only One Person”. This person is arranged to serve as the “housekeeper” of the project to settle down in Wuzhen. The investor can turn to this housekeeper whenever he encounters any problem concerning his project, which brings more convenience to the investor and enables this housekeeper know well this project and investor’s instant requirements. Now attracting investment projects and providing good services are two key phrases of Shen Jianhong, director of Investment Attraction Bureau of Wuzhen Internet Industry. According to the mode “Asking only One Person”, he serves as the “housekeeper” of the project named “Jingoal.” He has participated in the whole process of this project including its industrial and commercial registration, temporary office arrangement, and construction and decoration of the office building. He also establishes for this project a WeChat group to unite all relevant authorities of the town and Tongxiang City to solve problems. “Wuzhen’s service is feasible and workable. We will endeavor to push ahead with the investment project to add new driving forces to local Internet industrial development.” Niu Dingliang, the chief strategy officer of Jingoal Sci-Tech Co., Ltd., spoke highly of Wuzhen’s service.

  Since Wuzhen became the permanent site for the WI C, local officials and residents have walked out of the closed “small city view” and changed their views on making innovations and starting up businesses. “With Wuzhen’s deep integration into the world, local officials have been overcoming their weak points after they participate in conventions and exhibitions held here, and offer services on a bigger platform and under brighter spotlights. Influenced by the Internet, entrepreneurs tend to have better understanding of the Internet industry and have a stronger participation awareness. Local residents have benefited from the WIC, and have a stronger desire to accept new Internet technologies and experience intelligent life.” said Jiang Wei. Local Internet industry is inspiring local people to be more inclusive and international and strive for a better for life. (from Jiaxing Daily)