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Release date:2013-07-26 16:22

Reference Route of One-day Tour

I. Tour of South Lake Revolutionary Sacred Place in Jiaxing

Tourists can visit the South Lake Revolutionary Memorial Hall, the Mid-lake Isle, the Yanyu Tower and Lanxiu Park in the morning, taste zhongzi of Wufangzhai at noon, visit Shen Junru Memorial Hall, Refuge of the Korean Jinjiu, Former Residence of Shen Zengzhi, Puhua Art Gallery, etc. in the afternoon.

II. Tour of Local Conditions and Customs of the watery regions in Jiashan

Tourists can visit Wuzhen Memorial Hall and Sixian Pagoda in the morning, and the ancient town Xitang in the afternoon.

III. Recreation Tour of South-North Lake in Haiyan

Tourists can go to Wuyuan Town to visit Zhang Leping Memorial Hall, Tianning Temple and Thousand-Buddha Pavilion, etc. in the morning, and the South-North Lake in Ganpu in the afternoon.

IV. Tour of Watching Tide in Haining

Tourists can visit the Former Residence of Xu Zhimo in Xiashi Town, Former Residence of Zhang Zongxiang and climb the West Hill, etc. in the morning. They can go to Yanguan Town to watch tides at noon, then tourists can visit Sea God Temple, Former Residence of Chengelao and Former Residence of Wang Guowei, etc.

V. Tour of Watery Ancient Town in Tongxiang

Tourists can look around the ancient Dongzha Street of WuZhen, visiting Former Residence of MaoDun, Xiuzhen Temple, Xiangshantang Medicine Shop, Hall of Hundreds of Beds of the South of Yangtze River, Wood Carving Hall, etc. in the morning, and travel to Shimen Town to visit Yuanyuantang( Former Residence of Feng Zikai). At last, tourists can visit Fuyan Buddism Cultural Center, JinZhongHua Memorial Hall, Juntao Art House, Photo Exhibition Hall of Hou Bo and XuXiaobing ,etc.

VI. Seashore Scenery

Tourists can visit the Mo’s Manor, Painting and Calligraphy Gallery of Lu Weizhao at Danghu Town of Pinghu in the morning, and in the afternoon they can visit Zhapu JiuLong Mountain Resort. It has the following scenic spots: bathing beach, National Forest Park of Jiulong Mountain, Tongdian Island, Waipu Island, etc.

VII. Recreation Tour Along the Grand Canal

Tourists can travel to Wangjiangjin Town to visit Changhong Bridge on the Grand Canal, Liansidang Park, Liu Wang Temple and Liugong Pagoda, etc. in the morning. In the afternoon, they can sightsee   along the Grand Canal on a pleasure-boat around Jiaxing City. They can see many scenic spots: Luofan Pavilion, Shuangkui Lane, Wangwu Tower, Xueyin Temple, the Three Pagodas, etc.

Reference Route of Two-day Tour

1. Korean Jinjiu Seeking Trace Tour in South China

Tourists can visit on the first day the Scene of Hongkou Explosion in Luxun Park in Hongkou District Shanghai, the Site of the Former Korea Temporary Government at Madang Road in Shanghai, and then come back to Jiaxing on the same day. In the evening, tourists can tour around the city along the Grand Canal on a pleasure-boat.

The next morning, tourists can visit Refuge of Korean Jinjiu at No.76 Meiwan Street in Jiaxing, the Residence of the Former Korea Temporary Government Officials at No.17 Rihui Bridge, visit  South Lake Park, including the South Lake Revolutionary Memorial Hall, Yanyu Tower. In the afternoon, tourists can take a trip to the South-North Lake in Haiyan and visit Jinjiu’s refuge—Zaiqing Villa.

2. Weekend Recreation Tour

Line A: On the morning of Saturday, tourists can go to Xitang Town by bus on the expressway to visit the ancient town, taste the local refreshments and have lunch there. After visiting the Mo’s Manor of Danghu Town in Pinghu, tourists can come back to Jiaxing in the afternoon. On Sunday morning they can tour the South Lake, then tour the South-North Lake by bus.

Line B: Tourists can go to Haining by train and look around the night market on Friday evening, On Saturday morning, visit the Former Residence of Xu Zhimo and the Former Residence of Zhang Zongxiang, the West Hill on Saturday morning, then go to Yanguan Town to watch tide at noon, next, visit the Sea God Temple, the Former Residence of Chenggelao and the Former Residence Wang Guowei, etc. . In the evening, tourists can go to Tongxiang to stay for the night so as to go to Wuzhen directly on Sunday morning and visit the Former Residence of Mao Dun, Xiuzhen Temple, the ancient residences on the ancient Dongzha Street, in the afternoon, tour the South Lake and in the evening, leave Jiaxing by train.