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Release date:2013-07-26 16:15

Local products.

There are many local products in Jiaxing: Pinghu plum, South Lake Water Chestnut, Pinghu watermelon, Fengqiao juicy peach, Xieqiao preserved szechuan pickle, Tongxiang white chrysanthemum, etc.



The famous custom of coloured lanterns in Xiashi originated in Tang Dynasty and was prosperous in the Southern Song Dynasty. Jiaxing is famous for its silk, lacquerware, gold ware, silver ware and copper ware. The bamboo carving began in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty. Jiaxing black pottery began in the period of Liangzhu Culture that was 4 or 5 thousands years ago.

Jiaxing peasant painting not only has the charm of folk art, but also has modern decoration sense of beauty.