Report on the Work of the Jiaxing Municipal Government(2014)

Release date:2014-06-13 16:42



Delivered at the Fourth Session of the 7th Jiaxing Municipal People's Congress on January 22, 2014
Xiao Peisheng, Acting Mayor of Jiaxing

Fellow deputies:
On behalf of the Jiaxing Municipal People's Government, I now present to you the report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also invite the members of the Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the non-voting delegates to provide comments and suggestions.

Review of Work in 2013

In 2013, Jiaxing Municipal People's Government earnestly implemented the guiding principles of the 18th National Congress of the CPC, and those of the second and third plenary sessions of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, and thoroughly carried out the strategies and decisions of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, and we also fully implemented the decisions of the fifth and sixth plenary sessions of the 7th CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, and firmly kept to the guideline of “making progress while maintaining stability, and seeking development in promoting transformation”, forged ahead with determination, tackled difficult problems directly, and successfully achieved the main targets set at the third session of the 7th Jiaxing Municipal People's Congress. Jiaxing's GDP reached 314.77 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3% over the previous year; total fiscal revenue was up to 51.75 billion yuan, including public financial revenue of 28.23 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7% and 9.5% respectively; and the per capita disposable income of urban residents was 39,087 yuan, and the net per capita income of rural residents was 20,556 yuan, an increase of 9.5% and 10.3% respectively.

I. Striving to expand effective demand and realizing steady and rapid economic development. We implemented Project No. 1 for inviting and selecting investment and attracting the investment of the enterprises and businessmen of Zhejiang’s origin, introduced 23 projects including those from the Fortune 500 companies, global leading enterprises and the ones with an investment over US$100 million, and utilized US$ 2.21 billion of foreign investment and 21 billion yuan of investment from businessmen of Zhejiang’s origin this year. We carried out the special plan of “Three Focuses and Three Assurances” to expand effective investment, and 191.02 billion yuan was invested into fixed asset, up by 16.3%, including nongovernmental investment that contributed to 62.9% of the whole. We intensified efforts to ensure production factors for projects; 30,000 mu of land was used for new constructions and 20,000 mu of provided-yet-unused land was utilized; loan balance in Renminbi and foreign currencies in all financial institutions increased by 12.3% over the previous year. 200 projects invested by the Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government were completed and have passed acceptance tests. We encouraged enterprises to expand their markets and export of self-owned brands and service trade. The volume of total imports and exports was US$31.76 billion, including $21.51 billion for exports, with a respective increase of 10.5% and 9.8%. We accelerated the construction of urban trading areas and rural networks for distributing goods, and actively fostered new areas of consumption growth. The total retail sales of consumer goods increased by 13.1%.

II. Striving to adjust the industrial structure and greatly accelerating transformation and upgrading. We organized and implemented modern technological upgrading to replace laborers with machines, accelerated the provincial “Five-in-One” pilot project to make innovations in the photovoltaic industry, invested 56.34 billion yuan into industrial technological upgrading, and the share of the added value of new and high-tech industries in above-scale industries increased 2.7 percentage points. We carried out the comprehensive performance assessment for industrial enterprises. Jiaxing City at the municipal level and Haining City took the lead in experimenting with the system of differentiated taxes on urban land use. We made 12,000 mu (1 hectare is equal to 15 mu) of land used not efficiently in industrial parks exit for high-end enterprises. We actively encouraged nongovernmental enterprises to start a new undertaking, upgraded 6,025 individually owned businesses into enterprises and 516 enterprises into ones above the designated size. Another ten-billion-yuan manufacturing enterprise was born. The output value of the building industry exceeded 100 billion yuan. We accelerated the development of cluster zones in the service industry, and established 3 new provincial service demonstration zones. Modern logistics, tourism and leisure industries achieved a good development momentum. The cargo throughput of Jiaxing Port reached 66.05 million tons and its container throughput exceeded 1 million TEUs. We received tourists at home and abroad for 47.25 million person-times for the year. We implemented a three-year action plan of agricultural modernization, built 148 thousand mu of grain production zones and 22 provincial-level modern agricultural parks. The total output value of agriculture hit 25.97 billion yuan, and the grain production kept stable.

III. Working hard to promote reform and innovations to enhance the driving force for development. We implemented the innovation-driven development strategy. Financial departments at all levels allocated 1.21 billion yuan for science and technology, with an increase of 15.3% year on year. We accelerated the integration of innovation resources, established 37 new innovation carriers, selected 133 projects through the plan of “Innovating Jiaxing Welcoming Elite”, and attracted 3,489 high-end talents of various professions. Yang Xiaoniu from Research Institute No.36 of CETC was elected to be a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. We deepened the cooperation with famous colleges and universities such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Tsinghua University, organized and implemented 23 major science and technology projects above the provincial level, and added another 17 projects supported by national innovation fund. With 407 patents for invention granted this year, Jiaxing was designated as “National Intellectual Property Model City” We vigorously pressed ahead with provincial and national pilot reforms. We made smooth progress in the construction of Jiashan as a demonstration site for scientific development, and in the comprehensive supporting reform pilot in Haining to make production factors more market-based. We started in an all-round way the pilot in Pinghu for making innovations in industrial restructuring, and the construction of the pilot zone in the seaside area for coordinated development of ports, industries and cities. We took the lead in implementing the reform to streamline administrative approval procedures by integration, delegated to lower-level governments 457 items previously subject to the municipal government’s review and approval. We took solid steps to promote the reform of property rights system for rural collective assets and completed the transformation of 95% of village-level economic cooperatives into joint-stock companies. We further promoted financial innovations and established 9 local financial organizations of different kinds, increasing 17 billion yuan for direct financing.

IV. Working hard to deepen the regional coordinated development of urban and rural areas and accelerating the construction of the network-based modern garden city. We improved urban infrastructure, began the upgrading of Hangzhou-Pinghu-Shanghai Channel, and made solid progress in the expansion project of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant in Fangjiashan and the northern connection section of Qiantangjiang Tunnel (Phase I), and completed the construction of Jiaxing-Shaoxing Bridge and put it into operation. We formulated policies and suggestions to promote the economic development at the municipal level and smoothly completed adjustment of the management system in Xiangjiadang. We accelerated the urban organic renewal, started organic renewal of 10,000 mu of land in the whole Jiaxing, and sped up land expropriation and housing demolition in areas such as Zicheng Square and the lakeside of the South Lake, and 2,118 houses have been expropriated smoothly. To vigorously cope with the urban traffic jam, we completed the comprehensive improvement of main roads such as Hexing Road and Qinjian Road, optimized 33 bus routes, newly built 11, 000 parking spaces for special purposes, and achieved full coverage of public bicycles in main centers and subcenters. We launched the special action to treat tricycles, electronic tricycles and motor wheelchairs/ motor tricycles, and smoothly put an end to the use of motor wheelchairs driven by the handicapped in the urban area. We made great efforts to upgrade 23.2 million square meters of old residential areas, old factory sites and urban villages, and tore down illegal buildings of 12.66 million square meters. We improved and reclaimed rural land, upgraded 17,000 farm houses, and reclaimed 13,000 mu of land. We carried out the municipal pilot work to develop 12 towns into small cities. Haiyan county has established China-EU Urbanization Partnership with Sonderborg, Denmark. We deepened the construction of “Beautiful Countryside”, and 16 towns were newly put on the list of advanced towns of “Beautiful countryside”. We organized and carried out activities to further our links with Shanghai, actively participated in the "Cooperation between Undeveloped Mountainous Areas and Developed Coastal Areas", and made smooth progress in assisting Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Sichuan.

V. Making efforts to promote comprehensive treatment of the water environment and achieving positive achievements in ecological progress. We fully implemented the system of “river leaders” at levels of the city, county and town and 13,000 kilometers waterways of Jiaxing were all supervised by leaders in charge. We accelerated centralization of sewage treatment, newly built sewer networks of 393 kilometers, and 2,218 industrial enterprises whose sewage discharge was up to the standard had access to the sewer networks. In accordance with the decisions of the Standing Committee of the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Congress, we earnestly formulated and implemented policies and suggestions to further prevent pollutions caused by livestock and poultry farms and promote transformation and upgrading of raising livestock and poultry, designated areas where livestock and poultry farms were prohibited or restricted in a scientific way, strengthened routine supervision, tore down illegal pigpens of 5.79 million square meters, and the amount of live pigs decreased by almost one-third compared to the beginning of 2013. We strengthened the protection of drinking water, sped up the construction of ecological wetlands of Guanjinggang and Changshuitang. We implemented the strategy to divert water to Jiaxing from “Two Water Sources”, i.e. from Qiandao Lake and Taihu Lake, and began to make out the projects of leading water from Taihu Lake to Jiaxing. The overall water quality of Jiaxing improved a lot. We thoroughly carried out the special plan of “Clean Air”, moved ahead with the upgrading of coal-fired boilers, newly built and upgraded 14 air quality monitoring stations. We strictly controlled total energy consumption and energy consumption per unit of GDP; tightened oversight over leather tanning, dyeing, chemical and paper-making industries, vetoed 161 projects of high energy consumption and high emissions; dealt with 1,712 illegal cases concerning environmental pollution, and closed down 169 enterprises. We energetically carried out activities to make waterways clear and villages clean, to plant trees in cities, towns, villages and along rivers, cleared away silt, dredged waterways of 1,086 kilometers, increased and improved a green land of 45,000 mu. It is estimated that we will reach the provincial targets of energy conservation and emission reduction.

VI. Making efforts to ensure and improve the people's wellbeing and maintaining social harmony and stability. Governments at all levels spent 23.02 billion yuan on improving the people's wellbeing, which accounted for 75.9% of budgetary spending of the public finance. We supported those difficult in finding jobs. A total of 104 thousand urban jobs were created and the registered urban unemployment rate was 2.9%. We sped up the process of expanding social insurance coverage and raising its standard and implemented the integration of cooperative medical insurance system for urban and rural residents and the basic medical insurance for urban employees. We improved social assistance mechanism, distributed 46.18 million yuan for medical assistance, began the construction of 8,086 housing units for low-income families, and raised minimum living levels for both urban and rural residents to 525 yuan and 384 yuan respectively.

We strengthened the construction of the social service systems for the elderly, newly built 273 community-based in-home elderly care centers with 3,340 beds. We actively carried out education modernization in counties, county-level cities and districts, and made Jiaxing become the only prefecture city that passed the assessment of the balanced development of compulsory education in every county, county-level city and district in Zhejiang. We deepened the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, did well in prevention and treatment of human H7N9 bird flu and achieved an all-round success in the construction of “Provincial Excellent City/County/County-level City/District in Medical and Health Care”. We actively developed national demonstration sites for public cultural services. The system of public library service featured by integration of urban and rural development passed the acceptance as the first national batch of demonstration projects. We consolidated our achievements in the construction of “National Civilized City”, and made Jiaxing rank the first in the province and tenth in the country on the 2013 National City Civilization Index.

We held the first Citizens’ Sports Meet; athletes of Jiaxing’s origin won 17 medals on 12th National Games. We strengthened work concerning population and family planning and new residents, achieved all-around progress in programs concerning trade union, children, young people, women, charity and the disabled, and made statistics, archives, chronicles and meteorology play their positive roles in economic and social development and transformation. We made every effort to cope with severe heat and drought rare in history to effectively ensure the water supply for living and production. We went all out to fight against Typhoon Fitow and flood more serious than ever before, made solid progress in disaster relief, epidemic prevention, draining flooded fields, and resuming production after the disaster, and obtained the target of “ensuring zero death and injuring few people, and little damage and more safety”. We intensified the construction of the coordinated mechanism for managing responses to emergencies, conscientiously did well in handling public complaints, and cracked down on criminals and illegal activities. Jiaxing was honored again as “National Excellent City in Comprehensive Treatment of Social Management”. We vigorously supported the construction of national defense and the armed forces, effectively advanced national defense mobilization and the work concerning Two Supports and entitled groups, succeeded in conducting the civil air defense rescue maneuver of “Zhejiang Golden Shield-13” to meet the emergency or enemy attack. The relationships between ethnic groups and religions were harmonious. We made new achievements in foreign affairs and the affairs on Taiwan and overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao.

We made positive progress in improving government’s capacity. We strictly performed government duties and actively reported work to Jiaxing Municipal People’s Congress and notified major issues to the Municipal Committee of the CPPCC. We properly handled 316 suggestions by deputies of the Jiaxing Municipal People’s Congress and 384 proposals by members of the Municipal Committee of the CPPCC for the year. We implemented the system that unifies registration, code and release for administrative regulatory documents, sorted out 114 administrative regulatory documents, and settled 110 cases about reconsideration of administrative decisions. We thoroughly carried out special actions to help enterprises and grassroots to solve difficulties on the spot. We strictly implemented import provisions of the CPC Central Committee and CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, intensified budget performance management and reduced expenditures on the use of official cars, official reception and overseas trips for official purposes by 15.7%. We earnestly implemented the accountability system for improving Party conduct and the code of clean government, energetically pushed forward with the development of the mechanism of preventing and curbing the risks involved in building a clean and honest government, and stepped up efforts in investigating and dealing with corruption cases.

Fellow deputies, the achievements of the last year didn’t come easily. We owe them to the correct leadership of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government and CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee as well as the concerted efforts and hard work of the people of Jiaxing. Now, on behalf of the Jiaxing Municipal People's Government, I would like to express our highest respects and heartfelt thanks to the people of the whole city who have made contributions in various fields, to all the deputies of the Municipal People's Congress and members of the Municipal Committee of the CPPCC for their fully supporting our work, to democratic parties, to the federation of industry and commerce, to people's organizations, to people from all sectors of society, to the People's Liberation Army and armed police forces, and to the overseas Chinese and international friends who have given their concern and support to Jiaxing's construction!

We are keenly aware that Jiaxing still faces some difficulties and problems in the economic and social development: the foundation of economic stabilization and recovery is not sound; structural and qualitative problems are still acute; the scientific and technological innovation capabilities need to be enhanced; the input-output ratio is low; the central city needs to further play its role in driving the development of its surrounding areas; the tasks of ecological improvement such as controlling air and water pollution, conserving energy and reducing emissions, still remain arduous; it is getting harder to sustain the increases of urban and rural residents’ incomes; there is still a gap between the growth of the per capita disposable income of urban residents and the target we set at the beginning of the year; we still face many problems in areas that affect people’s vital interest, such as education, medical care, workplace safety and food safety; the transformation of government functions has not been fully carried out; there still exist formalistic and bureaucratic practices, hedonism, extravagance in some areas and departments. We must give high priority to them, for which we must take effective measures.
Targets and Main Work of 2014

2014 is the first year for thoroughly implementing the guiding principles of the third plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC and deepening reform in an all-around way, and also the key year for implementing the Twelfth Five-Year Plan. In line with the decisions of the seventh plenary session (enlarged) of the 7th CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, the guiding principles for this year’s government work are as follows: we will earnestly implement the guiding principles of the third plenary session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC and those of relevant meetings of the CPC Central Committee and thoroughly carry out the critical decisions made by the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee. Firmly embracing the theme of scientific development, we will take accelerating transformation of the economic development pattern as the main line, make overall planning on the basis of reform, and firmly keep to the guideline of “making progress while ensuring stability, seeking survival in promoting reform, seeking development in promoting transformation”, with focus on the improvement of quality and performance. We will take effective measures to improve people’s wellbeing and try to put those measures into practice and have a good start in deepening reform in an all-around way, so as to promote sustainable and healthy economic development and social harmony and stability, laying a firmer foundation for quickly building Jiaxing into a city of innovation, ecology, happiness and garden as well as a modern city whelthy in material and spirit.

We must have a firm grasp of the following five requirements in the government’s work: we must attach greater importance to deepening reform. We should vigorously foster the atmosphere of reform that welcomes pioneers, innovations and is tolerant of failure, give full play to the guiding role of economic structural reform, strike a balance between the government and market, between the government and society, accelerate the reform of key areas and crucial links that constrain economic and social development and constantly fire market participants with new vigor for development. We must attach greater importance to improving quality and performances. We should pay greater attention to targets such as per capita GDP, tax revenue of each mu of land, and gross labor productivity instead of GDP and its growth, and increase the importance of obligatory targets in overall assessment. We will unwaveringly press ahead with scientific and technological innovation and industrial upgrading and perfect systems and mechanisms for integrating the urban and rural development, aiming at achieving a high quality, effective and sustainable development. We must attach greater importance to ecological progress.

We will resolutely guard against any damage to ecological environment, implement the strictest system and policy for environmental protection, and put equal emphasis on economic development and environmental protection, on developing resources and conserving and utilizing them efficiently, to promote a quicker improvement of the ecological environment, making Jiaxing’s sky bluer, water clearer, ground greener, and air fresher. We must attach greater importance to the improvement of the people’s wellbeing. Keeping to the principle of doing our best on the basis of our abilities and resources, we will put more investment and public resources on the areas that are important to the people's wellbeing, accelerate the equal access to basic public services, give high priority to concrete services to the satisfaction of the people, and create more jobs with higher payment, to increase individual income in step with the economic development. We must attach greater importance to ensuring law and order. We will strengthen social governance innovation; improve the mechanisms of maintaining regular and open channels for the people to voice their demands, and of coordinating interests, protecting people’s rights and interests and resolving social conflicts. We should improve the system of safeguarding public safety, ensure that people live and work in peace and contentment, and the society is stable and orderly, aiming to build Jiaxing into the safest city in the Yangtze Delta area.
Taking into account the economic and social development trend and guiding principles, we have set the targets for the economic and social development for 2014 as follows: increasing regional GDP by 8.5%; increasing the per capita disposable income of urban residents by 9.5% and the per capita net income of rural residents by 10%; making public finance budget revenue rise by 8%; increasing the expenditure on research and development to 2.5% of the GDP; making the consumer price index (CPI) fit in with the price control targets set by the province, achieving or exceeding the provincial targets of energy conservation and emission reduction.

To reach the above targets, this year we will focus our work on the following six areas:

I. Adhering to reform and motivating development vigor constantly

We will accelerate the reform of the government itself. We will establish the powers list system with a view to cutting down administrative powers and making public the procedure of executing powers. We will deepen the reform of streamlining administrative approval procedures by integration, strengthen the management over delegating administrative power to lower-level governments and make innovations in the management mechanism with the focus on supervision over delegated matters when they are being handled and after they have been handled. We will promote the coordinated operation of systems of simulation approval, agent service and joint approval and establish a unified online platform for government review and approval in Jiaxing. We will set up a negative list system, and carry out the pilot of “zero review and approval” for enterprises’ investment. We will continue to implement the reform of government institutions to achieve the transformation of the government’s functions. We will accelerate the reform of the comprehensive law enforcement system to make it more effective, speed up the reform of classifying public institutions, devote greater efforts to the purchase of the public services, and take active measures to develop social organizations and normalize intermediary service markets.

We will propel the reform of allocating factors through markets. We will pay more attention to the idea of “The hero is the one whose land produces more output value”, expand trials of differentiated tax on urban land use, accelerate the establishment of the system of linking the reuse of the stock land and distribution of construction land quota with land efficiency, perfecting the exit system of low-efficiency land, and endeavor to make 10,000 mu of low-efficiency land exit for hi-tech enterprises. We will price resource factors such as water, electricity, gas, construction land and environmental capacity in accordance with different standards, establish and perfect the trading system in terms of the land used for industry, energy saving, water rights and emission rights. We will accelerate financial innovations and development, optimize financial environment, develop inclusive finance, and support those local financial institutions such as Jiaxing Bank to grow stronger in the process of serving local economic and social development.

We will promote the private economy development. We will give high priority to the development of the private economy, cancel and abolish discriminative rules and regulations against the private economy, propel the reform of industrial and commercial registration system, make efforts to upgrade individually owned businesses into enterprises, small enterprises into ones above the designated size and enterprises above the designated size into joint-stock enterprises, and encourage joint-stock enterprises to go public. We will newly establish over 6,000 corporate enterprises, turn 500 enterprises below the designated size into ones above the designated size, direct the private enterprises to make innovations in system establishment, management, science &technology, and aid them in participating in the reform and restructuring of state-owned enterprises. We will endeavor to encourage private capital to invest in social undertakings such as education, scientific research, medical treatment, health care, culture and sports.

We will speed up the reform of finance and state-owned assets. We will perfect fiscal management system, accelerate the establishment of an open, transparent and standardized budget system, and push forward with the allocation of the government’s special funds through competition, aiming at improving the efficiency of fiscal funds. We will perfect the tax collection system and and the system of government’s nontax income collection and management. We will supervise government’s borrowing money, control debt scale, optimize debt structure and perfect the system of controlling government’s debt risks. We will manage state-owned enterprises in accordance with their classifications, perfect the corporate governance structure, strengthen the supervision over and management of state–owned assets by focusing on the capital management, accelerate the construction of the classified examination and evaluation system with efficiency, return on net assets and social contribution rate as the main examination and evaluation indicators. Also we will duly solve the problems resulting from the restructuring of enterprises owned by Jiaxing municipal government.

We will propel pilot reforms in an overall way. We will push ahead with reforms of national and provincial pilot projects, and make full use of preferential policies with a view to forming Jiaxing’s advantages in reform. We will accelerate the construction of the demonstration site in Jiashan for the regional scientific development, comprehensive supporting reform pilot in Haining to make production factors more market-based and the pilot of making innovations in industrial restructuring in Pinghu, and duly popularize successful experiences. We will make great efforts to support the construction of the national comprehensive reform pilot in tourism in Tongxiang and the rural comprehensive reform model pilot in Haiyan, and make progress in the construction of the pilot zone in the seaside area for coordinated development of ports, industries and cities, and make great progress in building Jiaxing into a national pilot city of information consumption.

We will promote the reform by opening to the outside world. We will give full play to Jiaxing’s central role in integrating the Changjiang River Delta area to deepen close links in all directions between Jiaxing and Shanghai. We will volunteer to make use of the spillover effect of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, in response to which we will make every effort to construct the relevant supporting zone for further reform and development. We will deepen the cooperation of Jiaxing Port with the neighboring ports and integrate Jiaxing Export Processing Zone into a national-level comprehensive bonded zone and strive to make the whole area of Jiaxing Port open to the outside world. We will accelerate the exports of high value-added products and services, inspire enterprises to establish economic cooperation zones, manufacturing bases and overseas marketing channels and achieve a growth of 6% in export and import. We will actively participate in the construction of Hangzhou metropolitan area and the Economic Cooperation Area of Eastern Zhejiang, and make smooth progress in helping the development of Tibet, Xinjiang, Qinghai and Sichuan.

II. Intensifying water environment treatment and accelerating the construction of beautiful Jiaxing

We will endeavor to make achievements in water environment treatment. We will make all our efforts to treat sewage, prevent floods, drain flooded areas, ensure water supply and save water to intensify economic upgrading. We will perfect the system of the “river leaders”, clear foul rivers and trash rivers, strive to clear up all trash rives at the end of 2014, and improve the water quality of foul waters. We will intensify sewage interception, build 220 kilometers of sewer networks, speed up the work of collecting all sewage of industrial enterprises with sewer networks, and manage those enterprises whose sewage fails to be collected by the sewer networks on schedule. We will strengthen the treatment of the pollution resulting from livestock and poultry breeding, accelerate the construction of decentralized sewage treatment works, and treat all sewage of natural villages. We will further perfect coordinated mechanism to ensure the water quality of the rivers running across Jiaxing to other regions remains qualified in annual assessment. We will carry out “Three-year Action Plan” to accelerate the upgrading of the Pinghutang River, and expand the construction of the Drainage Works of Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain, and dredge 1,000 kilometers of rivers, construct 350,000 mu of standardized polders, establish the strict system to manage water resources, start the construction of emergency water source projects to ensure the safety of drinking water. We will make every effort to push ahead with the construction of leading water to Jiaxing from other regions, deepen the preparatory work of leading water from Qiandaohu Lake, and strive to make the project of leading water of Taihu Lake to Jiaxing be approved and make out the feasibility study report and start its construction at an earlier date. We will deepen the construction of building Jiaxing into a national water-saving city and take active measures to apply water-saving technology, techniques and equipment.

We will make more efforts to struggle against air pollution. We will endeavor to adjust energy structures by consuming more clear energy to reduce the consumption of coal, treat industrial exhaust gas, encourage consumers to consume natural gas instead of coal, close down coal-fired boilers, strengthen the treatment of vehicle exhaust emissions, change the fuel of buses and taxis into natural gas, and accelerate the process of obsoleting "yellow label cars ( heavy-polluting vehicles)”. We will establish and perfect the long-term mechanism to prevent farmers from burning crop stalks, deepen the control and treatment of dust pollution of building sites and fume pollution made in the kitchen, intensify the early warning and treatment of the hazy weather, and strengthen the law enforcement, supervision and comprehensive treatment of special regions, trades and industries.

We will make efforts to take solid steps in tearing down the illegal buildings, establish and perfect the long-term mechanism to tear down illegally built buildings, start the project in a full way of building counties (county-level cities, districts) into ones free from illegal buildings, take measures to clean up the rubbish in our hometowns and communities, optimize the long-term mechanism to keep urban and rural environment tidy and clean, and intensify the management of solid waste and the treatment of the soil pollution. We will implement the work of planting trees in cities, towns and villages and along rivers, and accelerate the project of planting trees at the entrances and exits to the cities, and along rives, striving to increase and upgrade 40,000 mu of green areas.

III. Sparing no effort to enlarge effective investment to lay a firm foundation for the future economic growth

We will intensify our work to select high quality investment, attract the investment from businessmen of Zhejiang’s origin and that from domestic central enterprises and foreign enterprises, deepen the “Project No.1” to attract the investment of high quality, and strive to utilize foreign investment of US$1.5 billion and 23 billion yuan of investment from enterprises of Zhejiang’s origin. We will strive to introduce 20 projects from Fortune Global 500 enterprises, global leading enterprises and enterprises with each of its investment up to US$100 million. Each national economic and technological development zone will introduce at least one project with its total investment over 5 billion yuan and each provincial counterpart will introduce at least one project with its total investment over 2 billion yuan. We will perfect the project permission access mechanism to prevent projects of high pollution, high energy consumption but low benefits.

We will expedite the construction of major projects. We will have the major projects as an important driving force to push ahead with economic transformation and upgrading, aiming at achieving a growth of 13% in fixed asset investment. We will start the construction of 488 projects with a total investment of 54 billion yuan this year, speed up the upgrading of Hangzhou-Pinghu-Shanghai Channel and Tongxiang-Jiuliqiao Highway, strive to start the construction of the northern expressway (Phase II) of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, and continue the preparatory work of the projects such as the rail transit and Jiaxing Airport for civil and military purposes. We will complete the construction of 150 projects invested by Jiaxing municipal government, reinforce land supply, and endeavor to make more projects enter national and provincial major enterprises lists to gain more construction land. We will make great efforts to utilize the land that has been approved to supply but not actually supplied or the land that has been supplied but not actually put into use, aiming to reuse more than 6,500 mu of stock land.

We will optimize investment structure. We will give full play to the leading role of government’s investment by improving the quality and efficiency of investment, lead nongovernmental investment to the fields such as water environment treatment, scientific and technical innovations and people’s wellbeing etc. and increase the investment proportion of nongovernmental investment. We will make vigorous efforts to develop the real economy, perfect industrial development planning, make out the catalogue and policies in terms of industries that should be developed preferentially, expedite the upgrading of the hi-tech projects with good economic benefits, and strive to make industrial investment up to 100 billion yuan. We will endeavor to develop the service industry and further increase its investment proportion in the whole fixed investment.

IV. Accelerating structural adjustment to upgrade Jiaxing’s economy

We will carry out the innovation-driven strategy. We will amend the planning of Jiaxing Science City of China, vigorously introduce innovation resources, explore and build the new mechanism of development and construction and establish the innovative platform to integrate scientific researches and industries. We will accelerate the construction of Zhejiang iCity (the hi-tech zone of photovoltaic industry) and strive to establish it into a national hi-tech industrial zone. We will deepen the industry-university-research cooperation, make great efforts to support the development of the Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Zhejiang Tsinghua University and Zhejiang Institute of Advanced Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences, push ahead with the construction of the International Union College of Zhejiang University, and make preparations to build the trade center for the commercialization of research outputs of Jiaxing. We will reinforce the construction of scientific and technological service centers of towns (subdistricts), make utmost efforts to introduce venture capital institutions, and firmly carry forward the construction of the Zhejiang pilot area in Jiaxing for sci-tech finance reform and innovation. We will intensify enterprises’ position as main innovators, support the growing middle and small-sized sci-tech enterprises, and try to newly build at least 30 provincial-level technology research and development centers of enterprises. We will implement deeply the plan of “Innovating Jiaxing Welcoming Elite” , perfect the flexible work mechanism for attracting talents, newly build over 5 workstations for experts and academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Engineering, and introduce 100 top talents and make all counties (county-level cities and districts ) of Jiaxing have their own talents from national “ One Thousand Top Talents Project ”

We will energetically develop advanced manufacturing industry. We will develop the advanced industry to strengthen Jiaxing by means of developing high value-added and low-carbon enterprises instead of high energy intensive and low value-added ones, replacing more laborers with robots, building more high workshops to save land, selling more products online and making more enterprises, brands and entrepreneurs famous both at home and abroad. We will deepen the improvement of dyeing, papermaking, chemical industry and tannery industry, making efforts to achieve the goals of eliminating outdated production capacity one year earlier than those stated in the 12th Five-year Plan. We will speed up the construction of the innovation pilot project of the photovoltaic industry and the development of China Nuclear Power City, develop such industries in terms of high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials, new electronic information technology, energy conservation and environment protection, making the output value of strategic emerging industries reach 280 billion yuan.

We will fully implement the integration of informatization and industrialization, expedite the improvement of the traditional industry by replacing laborers with machines and upgrade technically 1,000 industrial projects. We will take measures to push ahead with the construction of development zones and industrial parks to improve their quality and efficiency, establish provincial-level economic development zones into hi-tech parks, make more efforts to construct the entrepreneurship centers for middle and small-sized enterprises and the industrial parks for small and micro enterprises, and build 500,000 square meters of standard workshops. We will encourage entity enterprises to develop e-commerce, with a view to establishing Jiaxing into a national exemplary city, strengthen Jiaxing by improving economy quality, add 2 more manufacturing enterprises with their respective output value up to 10 billion yuan and 12 more Top Brands of Zhejiang, and take measures to cultivate more entrepreneurs and high-skilled talents.

We will give priority to the development of the service industry. We will expedite the construction of Jiaxing International Business District Park and the service industry cluster zones, exert every effort to introduce major projects and high-end industries and promote headquarters economy, research and development and design, Internet of Things and trade fairs. We will optimize the layout of the logistic parks, inspire the specialized markets and exert strength to establish them into ones with famous regional brands and collective trademarks, accelerate the construction of the fund town in Nanhu District and financial markets in Jiaxing International Business District, and improve the development quality of the producer service industry such as modern logistic industry, specialized markets and financial service. We will perfect the urban and rural consuming networks, vigorously develop the consumer service industry in terms of commerce circulation, health care and retirement life and information consumption, achieving an increase of 12% in total retail sales of consumer goods. We will optimize and integrate the tourism resources and promote the function of public tourism service platforms to build a grand tourism brand for Jiaxing as a whole.

We will accelerate the construction of modern agriculture. We will deepen the construction of modern agricultural zones and grain production zones, newly build 140,000 mu of grain production zones. We will foster new agricultural bodies to work on agricultural production, strive to develop modern seeding industry, and make wider use of new ecological and recyclable planting patterns. We will put into practice the plan of decreasing the total amount of live pigs, tear down illegal pig houses, and guide farmers to raise pigs in a large-scale and ecological way to improve the quality. We will reinforce the construction of the public service system, expand the agriculture insurance coverage, and further give play to the role of the economic organizations and associations of agricultural cooperation. We will further support Jiaxing Academy of Agricultural Sciences etc. in agricultural scientific and technological innovations. We will intensify farmers’ vocational training and establish Jiaxing Farmer College.

V. Carrying forward the construction of new urbanization and countryside to achieve a rural-urban integration of top level

We will optimize the urban layout of Jiaxing. We will amend the urban overall planning of Jiaxing, make them fit in with the land use planning and industrial planning, accelerate the integration of urban administrative areas and transform a county’s and a county-level economy into the urban economy. We will perfect the management system of urban planning and intensify their implementation. We will make measures to promote the economic development and put them into practice, accelerate the development and construction of Jiaxing International Business District, the area of Xiangjiadang and Hot Spring City, perfect urban functions and lay stress on improving the primacy ratio of the central city. We will continue to support the characteristic development of sub-central cities, aiming at forming a new development pattern that each sub-central city has its own development strategies. We will make more efforts to support the development of central towns, deepen municipal and provincial pilot work to develop towns into small cities. We will optimize the responsibility mechanism of farmland protection, stipulate scientific land development intensity, improve the utilization efficiency and intensification of urban construction land, aiming at optimizing urban and rural land use gradually.

We will improve the management of urban construction. We will intensify urban organic renewal, expedite the construction of Zicheng Square, upgrade the major areas of the city and start to renew 10,000 mu of urban areas. We will optimize the treatment of urban traffic jam, strengthen the research of urban traffic planning, carry out the project of “building more branch roads, linking dead-end roads, solving the traffic jam and establishing more parking lots”, rebuild Third Ring Road (South) and Sanyuan Road, finish the construction of Youquan Road and Changshui Road, scientifically plan the construction of public parking lots, perfect the management of the traffic micro-circulation, build 5,000 new parking spaces in the urban areas, and make use of the underground with an area of 1.3 million square meters. We will give priority to the development of the mass transit, optimize bus routes and shorten the time intervals between buses with a view to increasing 2%of ridership. We will put an end to the treatment of electric tricycles and four-wheelers and force rickshaws out of operation. We will push ahead with the construction of “Smart City” and manage the city in a more scientific and elaborate way.

We will speed up the construction of the new countryside. We will ensure farmers’ rights to own, use, and benefit from their contracted land, and make relevant mortgage and guarantee rights into practice, normalize the smooth transfer of contracted land-use rights and transfer over 80,000 mu of land. We will work harder on the registration of house sites of the rural residence, explore and establish a system of the paid exit and transfer of rural house sites. We will deepen the property rights reform of rural collective assets, push ahead with the pilot of mortgage, guarantee, and transfer of farmers’ housing property rights, improve the transaction platform of rural property rights to strengthen the village-level collective economy. We will deepen the reform of household registration system, inspire farmers to work and live in the city if they can in a systematic way. We will adjust and optimize the village layout, forge ahead with rural land treatment, intensify the design of the farmers’ houses, try to meet farmers’ demands for building their own houses and finish the treatment and reclamation of 10,000 mu of land. We will deepen the construction of the beautiful countryside, pushing ahead with project of “Improving 1,000 administrative villages and Establishing 100 ones into well-off villages”, extend the urban infrastructure and public service to rural areas, establish quite a few villages into exemplary central ones in Zhejiang, and reinforce the protection of historical and cultural villages characteristic of river and lake landscapes.

VI. Strengthening social construction and focusing on the improvement of people’s livelihood
  We will perfect the system concerning employment, business starting and social security. We will improve the public employment service mechanism, normalize the development of rural labor cooperatives, introduce more nonprofit jobs, create 65,000 jobs in urban areas and keep the urban registered unemployment rate below 4%. We will intensify the training in terms of starting business, carry out the plan of helping university students to realize their dreams of starting their own business, and take active measures to build Jiaxing into a national-level city famous for its business starting. We will continue to carry forward the integration of basic medical insurance of rural and urban residents and the employees’ basic medical insurance, establish and improve the mechanism of specifying and adjusting the social security standards, improve the integrated social assistance system in rural and urban areas, and accelerate the unification of the minimum social security standard for rural and urban residents. We will actively respond to the aging of the population, deepen the construction of urban and rural system of the elderly care service, encourage the social capital to invest in the pension industry, propel the construction of nursing institutions for the elderly whose income is low, and make the home-based elderly care centers cover more than 80% of urban communities and 50% of rural communities. We will intensify the construction of houses for public rental purposes and start the construction of 4,181 housing units for low-income families. We will take active measures to support the development of Red Cross and charity, strengthen the construction of the social security and service system for the disabled, safeguard the legitimate rights of women, children and juveniles.

We will make greater efforts to develop social undertakings. We will continue to foster and comply with the core value of socialism, improve the long-term mechanism of promoting urban and rural cultural and ideological civilization process and work harder to make Jiaxing be honored as National Civilized City in succession. We will actively carry out the demonstration area construction of the national public cultural service system, perfect the service platform “Making an Appointment with Culture”, and propel more excellent culture resources to serve the grassroots and rural areas. We will expedite the construction of the culture industry cluster zones with a view to constructing more leading cultural industrial projects and fostering more famous cultural brands. We will intensify the protection and utilization of cultural heritages, accelerate the educational modernization, carry out the “Three-year Action Plan” of the preschool education, push ahead with the construction of standardized schools for compulsory education, intensify the cooperation alliance between vocational schools and enterprises, and facilitate the connotative development of higher education. We will focus on the development of teachers and headmasters of high reputation, make more efforts to inspire public schools to send their headmasters to each other’s schools for communications and improve teachers’ morality. We will hold various activities to popularize scientific knowledge to improve people’s scientific literacy, press ahead with the construction of “Healthy Jiaxing”, deepen the comprehensive reform of public hospitals, perfect the operating mechanism of grassroots medical institutions, push ahead with the development of commercial medical insurance and make efforts to establish all counties, county-level cities and districts of Jiaxing into national-level sanitary cities. We will carry out the policy of allowing couples to have two children if either parent is an only child. We will make public sports facilities open to the public for free and take active measures to build Jiaxing into a national city strong in sports. We will continue to support the development of mass organizations such as trade unions, youth leagues, women’s federations and associations of science and technology and encourage them to participate in social governance, and make progress in ethnic groups, religions, foreign affairs and the affairs on Taiwan and overseas Chinese.

We will deepen the construction of “Safe Jiaxing”. We will propel close connections of communities, mass organizations and social workers and strengthen the management of new residents’affairs to consolidate the grassroots foundation for the social management. We will deepen the reform of safety management system and establish a long-term mechanism to prevent and remove hidden dangers to make the production work constantly and stably secure. We will make innovations in establishing the supervision mechanisms and systems concerning the safety production of food, medicines and agricultural products, establish and perfect a traceable system that can supervise the whole production process. We will strengthen the construction of enterprises’ credibility system and make it more perfect. We will intensify the social management online to keep the Internet run smoothly in accordance with regulations and laws. We will deepen the social law education, and reinforce the legal services and aid. We will perfect the social risk assessment mechanism of making major decisions, deepen the work that leaders should visit the people to settle their complaints and make great progress in mediation in terms of people’s conflicts and disputes. We will continue to push ahead with the normalized construction of the emergency systems and disasters prevention and reduction, and perfect the crime prevention and control system to prevent and crack down on crimes. We will energetically support the construction of the People’s Liberation Army and the People’s Armed Police Force stationed in Jiaxing, improve the work on national defense mobilization, reserve service, and civil air defense to consolidate the unity between the army and the government, and between the army and the people, and try to succeed in being honored in succession as a provincial city famous for its mutual supports between the civilian and the armed forces.

Making efforts to intensify the government construction in an overall way

New situations and tasks place higher requirements on the government’s work. We must work harder for the people heart and soul and make our governments at all levels practical, honest and free from corruption. We must be responsible for the people, make us supervised by the people, and try to satisfy the people, and we will never fail to live up to the people’s expectations and trust.

We will endeavor to construct a government working for the people. We must keep close ties with the people all the time, firmly carry out the CPC's Mass Line Education and Practice Campaign, implement all stipulations made by CPC Central Committee and Zhejiang Province on improving work style and maintaining close links with the masses. Full of love, we visit our people, and with problems to be solved, we go to the grassroots for investigation and study. We must seek advices from the people, and ask them what we can do for them. Whatever policies we make we must consult with the people. Anything that is harmful to the people must be forbidden and corrected. We will have what the people expect as our work’s direction and driving force, and work diligently and conscientiously to remove their difficulties and troubles. This year we have listed and will work harder to carry out ten projects in terms of the people’s livelihood such as the treatment of polluted water and air, and the construction of community and home-based elderly care centers in urban and rural areas.

We will endeavor to construct a government of high efficiency. We will make greater efforts to advocate the fine work style of being brave in bearing responsibility, making innovations, solving problems and striving for the best. We will intensify our researches and investigations, cancel unnecessary meetings and documents, cut off unnecessary celebrations and commendation meetings and fight against formalism. We will allocate administrative resources in an overall way to make the government writs run more smoothly, deepen the performance management, perfect the evaluation system, intensify supervision, investigate and treat endless haggling and shifting of responsibility and administrative omissions, aiming at improving the government’s executive ability and credibility.

We will endeavor to construct a law-based government. We will carry out administrative duties in strict accordance with the law, accept legal supervision from the Jiaxing Municipal People's Congress and democratic oversight from the Municipal Committee of CPPCC, and deal with proposals and motions put forward by the deputies of the people’s congress and members of CPPCC. We will conscientiously listen to the opinions of democratic parties, mass organizations and people from all walks of life, and volunteer to accept supervision from judicial circles and public opinions. We will improve the decision-making mechanism about major events and projects, establish think tanks of new type, and perfect the decision consulting system. We will make great efforts to set strict standards for the discretionary power of administrative law enforcement, and reinforce the standardization of administrative reconsideration. We will make government affairs public, deepen the construction of an e-government, perfect the governance platform on the Internet, ensure the people’s rights of participation, expressing themselves and supervision and being informed to keep administrative power open to the public.

  We will endeavor to construct a government free of corruption. We will strictly implement provisions and stipulations against extravagance and waste set forth by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and carry out the system in terms of the management of official cars, houses, reception and overseas business for official purpose, and decrease the relevant expenditure by 30% based on the budget of 2013. We will carry out the responsibility system of the construction of the Party conduct and of an honest and clean government, intensify the administrative supervision, the supervision over the review and approval of planning and projects bidding, land sales, government procurement, transaction of state-owned property and financial subsidy and the supervision through auditing. We must strictly investigate and prosecute all types of cases involved in violation of laws and regulations, and firmly prevent anything harmful to the people.

Fellow deputies, now Jiaxing is staying in the critical period of deepening the reform and social and economic transformation, so the tasks bestowed on us by the times are arduous but.glorious Let all of us rally closely around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary. Under the leadership of CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, the Provincial Government and CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, we rely firmly on the people and strive to build Jiaxing into a city of innovation, ecology, happiness and garden, and a modern city wealthy in material and spirit.