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Measures Made in Jiaxing to Strengthen Agricultural Development with Agricultural Technologies and Machinery

Release date:2021-11-01 16:05

        Yesterday morning a meeting was held in Jiaxing to promote the high-quality agricultural development, implement the decisions made by the Meeting for Zhejiang’s Agricultural High-quality Development, accelerate agricultural development with sciences & technologies and agricultural machinery to increase agricultural outputs and farmers’ incomes, promote Jiaxing’s high-quality development and build Jiaxing into a model city of the demonstration zone of common prosperity. Mao Hongfang, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and mayor of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government, delivered a speech at the meeting, and other leaders were present such as Wang Tao, Shen Jianhua, Wang Huilin, Sun Jianhua, etc.  

According to Mao Hongfang, “strengthening agricultural development with sciences & technologies and agricultural machinery” is an essential decision made by the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government to support agricultural high-quality development. Serving as an important “rice bag” and “vegetable basket” of the Yangtze River Delta, Jiaxing enjoys the best base and advantages and should assume the responsibilities to take the lead in this point. By the year 2025 Jiaxing will rank the first in Zhejiang in agricultural labor productivity, sci-tech contributions to agricultural development, agricultural mechanization ratio and per capital disposable incomes of rural residents, and strive to make agricultural average yields of each acre up to those of Zhejiang.

According to Mao Hongfang, comprehensive measures should be made to focus on major work. First, we will protect, research and produce excellent seeds of crops to obtain breakthrough progress in this aspect; second, we will widely apply agricultural technologies, support the agriculture with advanced equipment, protect agricultural environment, improve agricultural mechanization level and develop intelligent agriculture to enhance agricultural productivity and quality; third, we will build agricultural development platforms and agricultural economic development zones into the demonstration zones of crops, brand-oriented zones of agricultural products and incubating zones of “agriculture makers” to lead and drive agricultural high-quality development; fourth, we will attract investment projects on agricultural products’ processing and sales and agricultural machinery manufacturing just as we have done in industrial and sci-tech projects; fifth, we will spare no effort to train farmers, strengthen agricultural specialized cooperatives, and support the development of agricultural leading enterprises to get rid of the barriers of “strengthening the agricultural development with sciences & technologies, and agricultural machinery”; sixth, we will provide comprehensive services, strengthen leadership, issue favorable policies and establish more effective mechanisms to create an atmosphere where all attach importance to agricultural development, sciences & technologies, machinery and efficiency.

At the meeting, Wang Tao, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, announced “Ten top social service organizations of agricultural production”, “Ten top persons for agricultural technology popularization” and “Ten top farming households”. Representatives from Haining and Tongxiang, two county-level cities of Jiaxing, shared their experiences with the other participants and the videos were played on strengthening agricultural development with sciences, technologies, and agricultural machinery.