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Efforts Intensified in Jiaxing to Create Attractive Ecological Environment

Release date:2021-11-12 15:38

As municipal-level lake chief of the South Lake, Mao Hongfang, deputy secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and mayor of Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government made an on-the-spot inspection of water improvement of the South Lake yesterday afternoon. He said, the Lake is the place where the Red Boat set sail, so we must strictly implement river chief and lake chief systems and strengthen water environment restoration to create a charming ecological environment with clean water, green banks and wonderful landscapes and constantly enhance people's senses of satisfaction and fulfillment.

At the Huijingyuan Wharf of the South Lake Scenic Area, he and his colleagues boarded a boat to check the soft fences of the Lake and purification results of the water around the mid-lake island of the Lake. “What’s the water transparency?” “Are those new energy-driven boats here?" Mao Hongfang asked the questions concerning the improvement effect of water transparency, environmental protection, upgrading of pleasure boats and ecological environment restoration projects. Then, they came to the north bank of the Lake and made an inspection on foot along the Lake. On the Xiaoyingzhou Island, he carefully observed water transparency and inspected the sanitation along the Lake. Water transparency is a mirror of water quality of a region and has a direct impact on citizens and tourists. Since the implementation of "One policy for one lake" and ecological environment restoration project, the indexes of nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonia nitrogen and potassium permanganate of the South Lake have declined on the whole and micro terrain modification and trial planting of submerged plants have been completed. Now 200,000 tons of clear water run into the Lake per day; the water quality near Qiyi Square and Success Dam-two water ecological test areas, reaches Grade III-water standards; and the water transparency of the Lake has risen from 20 centimeters to 40 to 50 centimeters. MAO Hongfang encouraged and urged the departments concerned to continue to strengthen scientific monitoring and meticulous governance to improve water quality.

"Are there any plans to construct the facilities for the bank around the South Lake?""Can ecological governance facilities match well with landscapes?" "What about daily management and patrols?" He asked from time to time. Besides, he was also concerned about the landscape of the Lake. According to him, further measures should be made to improve the facilities of the bank, strictly monitor the drainage outlets of the Lake, improve governance level, water quality, ecological environment and landscapes of the South Lake to create a water-friendly public space easily available to the people.

Later, he boarded the boat again to inspect the water restoration project near Haogu Tower and Success Dam, and listened to the report made by the departments concerned about the daily governance of lake water. He affirmed current governance effect and required the departments concerned to establish sound long-term supervision mechanisms, implement responsibility systems, make irregular inspections and settlement of problems, speed up the upgrading of pleasure boats to reduce their impact on water quality, keep water clean of the whole Lake and include "zero direct discharge of sewage" accomplishments into normal management. At last he stressed all levels of river and lake chiefs should fulfill their duties, strengthen daily inspections, coordinate and promote problems’ settlement and enhance long-term supervision mechanisms to build all rivers and lakes of Jiaxing into beautiful pictures.