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Traffic Congestion Eased by Three-dimensional Transport Mode in Jiaxing

Release date:2021-11-12 15:39

     “We are preparing for the construction of the third phase of the urban expressway of Jiaxing and will start its construction by the end of this October,” said an official. Soon after its first two phases were put into operation, the construction of its third phase is about to start and a series of preparatory work is in smooth progress.

       Settling urban traffic jams is highly expected. Since the beginning of the year, the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Jiaxing Municipal People’s Government have worked hard to serve the masses, enterprises and grassroots units to get rid of the traffic congestion happening to land and water transportation.

       The rapid construction of the urban expressways is an important measure to settle traffic jams.

Citizens feel that driving on the urban expressway is so fast after the operation of its first two phases. “Every day I drive my car on this expressway. It is smooth and wide without any traffic congestion. Give this project thumbs up.” Mr. Fang lives in Xiuzhou District but works in Nanhu District. It used to take him 50 minutes to get to his company from home, and took him more than one hour when the traffic jams were serious. After the operation of the expressway, he can reach his company within 20 minutes, reducing more time and money. 

       Besides, the traffic congestion indexes of whole road network linking the expressway have declined remarkably due to the expressway and brought much convenience to citizens. The statistics show the traffic congestion index of the Mid-ring South Road falls by 20% and the traffic speed rises by 27%, and those of Changsheng Road fall and rise by 10% and 8% respectively after the operation of this expressway.

This urban expressway plays an important role in expanding urban framework, improving urban scale, quality and image, easing traffic congestion and releasing urban vitality. Its operation means Jiaxing has entered a three-dimensional transportation era, while the construction of the tram project makes Jiaxing stride into a rail transportation era.

       Since its operation on June 25, the tram project has achieved brilliant progress: The average passenger transport intensity reaches 1,000 persons / day · km, ranking third among major cities with trams in operation in China.

The convenience citizens enjoy is attributed to the contributions of the employees of Jiaxing Railway and Rail Transportation Investment Group Co., Ltd. In order to realize local people's “dream of rail transportation”, the employees of the company worked day and night, completed the construction of its first phase within 370 days and created a “Jiaxing Speed” despite limited time, heavy tasks and no experience to learn in Zhejiang.

Moreover, the Feasibility Study Report of the first Jiaxing-invested railway “Jiaxing- Fengnan Railway” was passed by experts last month. It is noticeable progress in improving urban scale and quality, helping Jiaxing link Shanghai and participating in the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta. Doubtlessly, it will be more convenient for local people to travel.

       In addition to the rapid development of road and railway transportation, water traffic has become an important supplement for citizens’ travel. Water Bus on Suzhoutang River has started to operate since June 30, 2021 with the delivery of the first new energy-driven ships ."Water traffic will also play an active role in citizens’ travel in the future," said an official. The water-land transfer at some main points can expand each other's service scope.

Made up of land, railway and water transportation, an interconnected three-dimensional transportation network is being extended and expanded in Jiaxing. Convenient transportation  will facilitate cargo transportation, bring unprecedented convenience to local people and enhance people’s life quality.