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Jiaxing Witnessed the Opening of Jiaxing Digital Economy Development Forum & High-level Consultation of Landi International Think Bank

Release date:2021-11-12 15:41

        Jiaxing Digital Economy Development Forum & High-level Consultation of Landi International Think Bank opened in Jiaxing yesterday. Zhang Bing, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee attended and presided over experts’ keynote seminar, the first phase of the Forum. Such experts and leaders also attended the Forum as Zhao Baige- president of the Expert Committee of “Belt&Road” International Think Bank of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Huang Qifan- joint president of the Expert Committee of Landi International Think, Meng Xiangqing- a PLA major general and professor from National Security College of PLA National Defence University, and leaders Mao Hongfang, Liu Dongsheng, Gao Linghui and Wang Tao from Jiaxing.

         Huang Qifan and Meng Xiangqing delivered respectively the reports “Digital Economy Development of Jiaxing” and “Current International Strategies and New Changes and Features of China’s Security Environment” at the Forum.

         Zhang Bing expressed his sincere thanks to these experts. The first report will play an important role in guiding us to master macro economy development, the opportunities and challenges of establishing new development paradigms, the important significance and historical opportunities of emission peak and carbon neutrality and the historical inevitability of digital changes, plan and promote digital economy development, strengthen our confidence and determination in seeking new development opportunities and making new progress in our work, so it is instructive and encouraging. The second report elaborated on the new changes and features of current international strategic situations and China's security environment from a strategically advantageous perspective, reflected the reporter’s high academic level, solid theoretical knowledge and profound strategic visions, and will help us understand domestic and international development strategies, strengthen our “bottom-line” consciousness, urgency sense and responsibility sense. Both reports have made us more keenly aware that we are in an era of unprecedented changes. Only by keeping in mind the domestic and international development strategies can we find right development directions and only by continuous studies can we keep pace with the times.

          According to Zhang Bing, we must grasp the essence of these two wonderful reports, strive to update knowledge, broaden our visions, improve competence, train high-quality cadres of strong competence and political integrity, provide strong supports for building Jiaxing into a model city for its high-quality development and into a common prosperity demonstration area to make Jiaxing-the birthplace of the CPC much better.

          In the afternoon, the high-level consultation, the second phase of the Forum, was held for face-to-face communications. More than ten experts and scholars discussed regional and digital economic development, technological innovation and the current situation and prospect of Jiaxing’s digital economy. Then, Zhang Bing emphasized that all the departments concerned and enterprises present should take the Forum as a valuable improvement opportunity, record, analyse and digest experts’ views and suggestions and implement them.