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“Contracted Responsibility Mechanism” Implemented to Prevent Inbound Covid-19 Cases

Release date:2022-07-13 15:10

Last evening, the task scheduling meeting on pandemic prevention and control in Jiaxing was held via video link. Zhang Bing, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, attended the meeting and made a speech. He stressed all districts, counties, residential districts, townships and villages should work harder to resolutely implement the contracted responsibility system and go into immediate action to win the battle in preventing inbound COVID-19 cases. The meeting was also attended by other leaders, including Fan Qingyu, Zhang Jiantong, Jiang Haiyang, Zhu Miao, Ao Kaoquan, Xing Haihua, Ni Huping.

He pointed out, we must fully understand the seriousness, difficulty and complexity of the current situation in pandemic prevention and control. Now the focus should be fixed on the prevention of inbound cases, so all must be determined with joint efforts, taking immediate action to cut off the chain of transmission.

He stressed all the departments concerned should take on their responsibilities in preventing inbound COVID-19 cases, shoulder the responsibility definitely and resolutely and implement all work requirements to ensure all counties, townships, sub-districts, administrative villages and communities bear their own responsibilities and build a closely connected network preventing the inbound cases of the COVID-19; Party organizations must be fully mobilized to play their roles, and Party members should take exemplary roles; officials at all levels must take the initiative in setting an example and work in the forefront, stand shoulder to shoulder with the people to make meticulous checks at all checkpoints and play the role of Health Jiaxing QR Code to safeguard peoples health of Jiaxing, the north gate of Zhejiang; wel must be strict with ourselves in all aspects to achieve the success in overcoming the pandemic.

In the meeting, the liability statement on Implementation of Contracted Responsibility Mechanism of Pandemic Prevention and Control in Jiaxing was announced.