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Targeted Measures Made Instantly in Jiaxing to Cut off Covid-19 Transmission

Release date:2022-07-13 15:13

On April 2, 2022, two covid-19 cases were found respectively in Tongxiang and Haining, two county-level cities of Jiaxing. In the company of Jiaxing’s senior officials Zhang Bing and Shuai Xielang, Cheng Yuechong, vice governor of Zhejiang province, came to Jiaxing to inspect and guide the covid-19 control and prevention on April 2 and 3. He said we should hold the initiative in fighting the pandemic, start “seven mechanisms” immediately and make targeted measures in five aspects immediately to curb the spread of the pandemic.  

Yesterday morning, he made an inspection of the work on nucleic testing, and the lockdown of communities. Near Guifeng Hotel, a nucleic testing site of Tongxiang, he found residents queuing up for nucleic testing, talked to the volunteers present, asked them to keep order, stay separately, and worked hard to ensure all residents could receive nuclei testing.  

In Daqili, a place under lockdown due to the pandemic, he checked the work on isolation. According to him, a person should be dispatched to every unit of the building to take charge of the nucleic testing of its residents; measures should be taken to provide sufficient supplies for isolated residents and manage to settle the problems of those with special needs; special groups should be established to calm down those feeling restless due to the isolation; officials should continue to strive to serve the people heart and soul.   

At the covid-19 prevention and control headquarters of Tongxiang and Haining he held the pandemic prevention and control meetings, researched pandemic situations, gave guidance, and affirmed two cities’ quick responses to the breakout of the pandemic. The pandemic control and prevention were still severe, and pandemic risks still existed, therefore more efforts should be intensified to focus on targeted pandemic prevention and control, according to him.

Two cities should work harder to make epidemiological surveys of all major sites and focus groups, arrange more staff for nucleic testing, give priority to sampling, samples sending, testing and reporting, prioritize issues, normalize work procedures, implement isolation standards strictly, tap the resources of the isolated areas in comprehensive way, prevent pandemic spreading to the regions beyond Jiaxing, put into operation the pandemic prevention and control measures made for “three zones” and provide more services for the people, according to Cheng Yuechong.

He added, Jiaxing should strengthen the management of those who came back from the regions of middle and high pandemic risks, and make irregular nucleic testings of focus groups to control the covid-19 and prevent it spreading to other regions.