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“Ten 100-day Actions” Launched in Jiaxing to Stabilize Economic Development

Release date:2022-07-13 15:29

Yesterday morning, a mobilization meeting was held in Jiaxing to start Ten 100-day Actionsto stabilize economic development and improve economic quality. Zhang Bing, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee attended the meeting and delivered a speech. All should study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s speeches on current economic work and the important decisions made by the CPC Central Committee, the State Council of P.R.C., the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, carry out “Ten 100-day Actions” and work harder in a more vigorous, confident and active way to contribute more to the economic steady and rapid development of the province, according to Zhang Bing. Such leaders attended the meeting as Gao Linghui, Chen Lizhong and Shuai Xielang.

The current economic situation now is serious and complex due to “three pressures” and “two variables”. More unstable and uncertain factors have appears, and economic fundamentals are under heavy pressure. We must realize that “Ten 100-day Actions” is a political task to implement the decisions by the CPC Central Committee and the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee on keeping steady economic fundamentals; it is an indispensable requirement to implement the initiative to raise the awareness of the need to stay true to the Party’s founding mission and adhere to the philosophy that the target of our development is to serve the people; and it is an active response to face the current complicated situation and reach the development target of the year. So we must work harder to make up for lost time with more confidence and initiative and unconventional measures and bravely face the problems and difficulties to lay a solid foundation for accomplishing this year’s targets and tasks, according to Zhang Bing.

Marching forward is our only option in face of difficulties. Keeping in mind that “when the seriousness of the economic development is beyond our expectation, we must make the measures beyond the norm”, we will make precise and targeted efforts to push forward with the “Ten 100-day Actions” to reach the target of “achieving economic stable development in the first two quarters, progress in the first three one and success in the whole year”. We must do more to settle enterprises’ problems, put into effect a package of favorable policies, provide a full set of service measures for enterprises, improve “one-stop” service platforms, spare no effort to compete in attracting projects, investment and talent and support enterprises’ capital increase and share enlargement; we must intensify efforts to push forward with projects, especially major ones, enlarge effective investment, and provide supports in terms of capital, land and energy for the projects; we must work hard to remove transportation barriers, implement national unified traffic permit mechanisms, improve the facilities of epidemic prevention service centers and nucleic acid testing points, apply “Jiaxing Health QR Code” and establish the dynamic “white-list” management mechanism of keeping steady the supply chain; we must issue a set of measures to keep foreign trade steady and help enterprises stabilize their export to the major markets and develop new markets to stabilize and enlarge their existing foreign trade value; we must make new measures to prosper consumption, exploit more consumption potentials, encourage local people to have local trips, for example, to the South Lake Scenic Area, waste no second to design and launch a series of consumption promotion activities in the tourist rush season and enhance the tourist brand “Enjoying Consumption in Jiaxing”; we must close down the enterprises of high energy consumption but low efficiency to make room for those of low energy consumption but high efficiency, improve the system of “success or failure depends on the output value of each acre of land” and accelerate the construction of green factories and future factories; we must work hard to promote the steady and sound development of the real estate market, uphold the principle that “housing is for living in, not for speculation” to better meet people’s reasonable housing needs and make more efforts in urban organic renewal to improve citizens’ living conditions; we must intensify efforts in insurance, social security, epidemic prevention and employment to guard against risks; we must work hard to improve business environment, advance digitalization reform, make favorable policies and measures play their integrated roles and optimize finance supplies to lighten enterprises financial pressures, according to Zhang Bing.

All departments concerned must earnestly shoulder the political responsibility for stabilizing economic development, strengthen organization and leadership, strive to be the first, give play to enterprises’ role, and strengthen supervisions and publicity and our sense of responsibility to create a favorable atmosphere to fully push ahead with economic steady development, according to Zhang Bing .

At the meeting, 78 million yuan of funds were offered to 12 enterprises according to favorable policies and the speeches were made by the leaders of Development and Reform Commission, Economy and Information Technology Bureau, Commerce Bureau of Jiaxing, Jiashan County, Dushangang Town of Pinghu City, Satellite Chemical Co., Ltd. and Dehe Technology Group Co., Ltd. The leader of Federation of Industry and Commerce of Jiaxing read out the proposal addressed to the private entrepreneurs of Jiaxing.

The conference was held online.