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Targeted Measures Made Immediately to Improve Civilization Level of Jiaxing

Release date:2022-07-13 15:37

Yesterday afternoon, Zhang Bing, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, led a team to Nanhu District and Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiaxing, etc. to make an inspection of the work on building a national model city of civilization. According to him, we must make targeted measures to strengthen the ability in identifying and settling problems carefully and instantly to improve our level of building a national model city of civilization. Such leaders also attended the inspection as Fan Qingyu, Qi Li, Ao Kaoquan.

They first visited Jianshe Sub-district of Nanhu District to inspect the work on the reconstruction of Shaonian Road and the environment of the alleys near Huating Street. Zhang Bing found the advertisements were posted here and there on the facade of Gangao Edifice and required such issues against urban management regulations must be rectified immediately. Besides, he found indiscriminate parking, chaotic environment behind the wall and lack of the management of uninhabited houses. The renovation of old blocks and lanes should be based on a general planning, excellent cases and close cooperation of different parties. We should optimize design schemes, improve development quality, expand the space of communities and introduce commercial, cultural and creative businesses according to local conditions to make communities culturally attractive.

In Fanghezhou, a living quarter of Xinxing Sub-district, he and other team members came to inspect whether cars were parked in the parking lot. Due to the shortage of parking spaces, many vehicles were parked on the roadside, and some blocked the fire escape. He requested that measures should be made immediately to keep clear the fire escape, and more parking spaces should be constructed in the community for orderly parking.

At last, they went to inspect the environment around the SOHO IKEA Building in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiaxing. Zhang Bing went to the shops facing the street to inspect whether there were behaviors against rules and regulations. In the kitchen area of a catering enterprise, he found the kitchen ventilator was not up to the standard; garbage was not sorted out; and the environment nearby was in chaos, so he requested these problems should be settled immediately. A long-term mechanism should be established to settle the illegal parking of non-motor vehicles, and all departments concerned should fulfil their duties and strengthen law enforcement to make remarkable progress in building Jiaxing into a national model civilized city, according to Zhang Bing.