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Jiaxing’s Revolutionary Tourist Routes-Bus No.101 Line Open to Traffic

Release date:2022-07-13 15:45

The operation ceremony for Bus No. 101 Line & Revolutionary Tourist Route Themed by “Tour to Jiaxing for Revolutionary Education” started yesterday morning. Such leaders of Jiaxing attended the ceremony as Zhang Bing, Fan Qingyu, Qi Li, Ao Kaoquan and Wang Huilin.

At the operation ceremony, Zhang Bing, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, delivered the key to the Bus to the chief driver of Bus No. 101 Line and announced the operation of the Bus No. 101 Line, which includes eight revolutionary tourist routes. Those eight routes started their first operation simultaneously. They are the routes of “New Era ·Taking the Road toward the Venue of the 1st CPC National Congress”, “Learning the CPC History from the Time When Red Boat Set Sail”, “Recalling Jiaxing, a 1000-year City”, “Walking to Experience Jiaxing’s Development” etc. These routes enable tourists to receive new and special education on the CPC history. Next, Zhang Bing and his colleagues went to Fengqiao, a town of Nanhu District, by Bus No. 101.

In the third ten days of March 2004, comrade Xi Jinping, who then was secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, made an inspection of the work of Jiaxing on urban-rural integrated development, took the Bus No. 101, communicated as a common passenger with the others on the Bus to experience the convenience brought to the people due to the urban and rural integrated development of Jiaxing. The guide of the Bus recalled that period of history, introduced the scenic spots along the route to the passengers and the stories on local integrated development of urban and rural areas. Zhang Bing listened to the guide carefully and got to know the reform process of public transportation over the previous years in detail, and experienced the happy life of urban and rural areas through the window of the Bus. Jiaxing has taken on a new look, and it’s meaningful to take the Bus No.101 to happiness, said Zhang Bing.

We should intensify efforts to improve the environment along the bus line to make everything in sight beautiful and pleasing, deepen the deep research and understanding of the background and theme when comrade Xi Jinping came to Jiaxing for inspections, and make the best of the revolutionary tourism resources of the Bus No.101. Public transportation is a modern means of transportation shared by the people and an embodiment of modern civilization shared by urban and rural residents. Bus No. 101 Line vividly demonstrates and witnesses Jiaxing’s process of integrated development of urban and rural areas and common prosperity. For 18 years, we have learned by heart “Jiaxing enjoys a good condition to serve as a provincial, even a national model in the integrated development of urban and rural areas” stated by comrade Xi Jinping and followed the instruction of “narrowing the urban and rural gap to make urban and rural residents enjoy common prosperity and modern civilization” so that Jiaxing has taken the lead in the urban and rural integrated development in Zhejiang. We should earnestly study and implement the spirit of the 15th Provincial Congress of Zhejiang of the CPC, target the goal of taking the lead in socialist common prosperity and in modernization across the province in the high-quality development and accelerate the construction of a model city of common prosperity and a pioneering city of socialist modernization based on the good foundation of urban and rural integrated development.

Zhang Bing asked the driver of the Bus to drive carefully and safely for the people and the guide of the Bust to introduce affectionately Jiaxing’s enormous changes and tell the happy story about Jiaxing’s development road directed by General Secretary Xi Jinping to a better life.

After getting off the Bus at Sanxing Village, Zhang Bing visited the rural tourism market. There were booths for local characteristic agricultural products such as juicy peaches and peach gums, as well as the intangible cultural heritage works like bamboo carvings and water chestnut picture. “How are the quality and quantity of juicy peaches this year? ” “ How do young people feel about their starting up businesses in rural areas?” Zhang Bing communicated with everyone kindly. He hoped more efforts should be made to publicize the brand of local characteristic agricultural products to help local farmers increase incomes and get rich. At last, he visited the model of the original Bus No. 101 and attended a special exhibition.