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Officials Required to Strictly Implement Duties of ”Working Harder, Improving Party Conduct and Constructing Clean Governments” to Build Clean Jiaxing and Battle Corruption

Release date:2022-09-20 10:46

Yesterday morningthe Standing Committee of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee held a conference to study general secretary Xi Jinpings important speech made at the 14th group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, listened to the report made by the  CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee members on their performing work duties, improving the Party conduct and constructing clean governments, and researched the work on the construction of clean units (clean culture). Zhang Bing, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee presided over the conference and made a speech. Other leaders attended the conference such as Li Jun, Gao Linghui, Chen Lizong.

The conference stressed that general secretary Xi Jinpings speech made at the 40th group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee summed up valuable experiences and achievements in combating corruption in the new era, discussed the tasks of combating corruption under the new circumstance and made requirements on how to strengthen the ability in making officials do not dare, not able and have no desire to commit corruption and win this tough and prolonged battle in all respects. The speech indicates our Party has strong courage to carry out self-reform, embodies our Partys consistent and firm political stance of anti-graft and serves as the guideline to improve the Party conduct, construct clean governments and fight corruption in the new era. We should deepen the understanding of the speech, give full play to the role of exercising full and strict Party self-governance in strongly supporting Jiaxings taking the lead in making landmark achievements in high-quality development and the construction of common prosperity demonstration zone, and taking the lead in fundamentally realizing socialist modernization. We should deepen the understanding of new concepts, ideas and strategies on anti-corruption put forward by the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core; we should deepen the understand of the important experiences accumulated in fighting corruption; we should deepen the understanding of the most distinctive part of our Party's character-having the courage to carry out self-reform; we should deepen the understanding of the CPC Central Committees judgement of battling corruption, and the general requirements and main tasks of making coordinated efforts to ensure officials do not dare, are not able, and have no desire to commit corruption .

The conference stressed we should adhere to the guideline, make coordinated efforts to ensure officials do not dare, are not able, and have no desire to commit corruption; we should stay vigilant and strike hard with zero tolerance of corruption, resolutely contain the emergence of new corruption cases, eliminate existing ones, improve the supervision and restriction mechanisms of exercising power, focus on the problems existing in systems and supervision, work hard on the second half process of anti-corruption and promote anti-corruption reform, construction and governance through anti-corruption cases; we should intensify efforts to restrict corruption, educate officials to observe law and pervert justice for a bribe and guide young officials to button the first button in performing their duties honestly.

The conference stressed we should face weak points, strive to find relevant resolutions to them, improve the efficiency of performing officials work duties, Party conduct improvement and clean government construction in a targeted way, educate and guide leading officials to take the lead in build responsibility chains and work chains that can identify and assess officials work duties in a reasonable and clear way and punish those failing to perform their duties. Leading officials should strive to be the first to be strict with themselves and other officials, and accept the supervision of others to ensure that power is exercised in a transparent and normative way.  

The conference stressed that we should further the construction of clean Jiaxing, build Jiaxing into an advanced clean city in the new era, consolidate the construction of duty communities, research and resolve problems, strengthen the effect and influence of clean units, select a number of good examples in constructing clean units and communities, expand the demonstration effect of those clean units and communities constantly and strengthen the role of clean culture in education to make Party members and officials cleaner and more honest and create a clean social environment.

The conference also discussed other issues.