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Special Tours

Release date:2023-11-20 16:53

The special tours are different from the traditional sightseeing tours. The economy of Jiaxing has developed quickly these in recent years, and some new markets, enterprises, agricultural gardens have appeared. They can be used for sightseeing.

I. Science and Technology Tour of Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant


Qinshan, also called Qinzhushan, is on the seashore of Ganpu in Haiyan. It is said to be so named because Emperor Qinshihuang once climbed this hill. Qinshan produces orchids, named Qinlan.

In 1984, the first self-designed nuclear power plant of China, Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant was built at Shuanglonggang of Qinshan. In 1992, Qinshan Nuclear Power Company built a modern nuclear power publicity and reception center. It covers 1,650 square meters, and there are Popular Science Hall, Patriotism Education Hall, Model Exhibition Hall and Projection Hall, etc.

There is a 45-meter-long platform in the plant where tourists can have a rest and view the sights.

II. Sightseeing Tour of Modern Agriculture

Dongjin Modern Agricultural Garden in Qixing is about 10 kilometers away from Jiaxing City. It is on both sides of No.320 National Way, covering 10,000mu. The total investment is RMB28.94 million yuan.

On October 6, 1998, Jiang Zemin inspected the garden.

You can appreciate the flowers, taste the fruits in the garden, and enjoy the modern rural scenery which is totally different from the traditional agriculture.

III. Shopping Tour of Leather Wears and Woolen Sweaters

1. China Leather Town

In the war of Dongjin, the goats of North China were transferred to Hangzhou, Jiaxing and Huzhou, thus the leather trade in Jiaxing began. In Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), there  

were scores of families who produced leather. In the fifties of last century, the leather with the brand Butterfly made in Haining was known nationwide.

The Zhejiang leather Costume Town was built in 1994. There were more than 5,000 business rooms in it. In 2000, a leather exhibition hall was built to the south of China Leather Town.

2. China Town for Home Fabrics and Decorations of Haining

Xuchun Town is 33.3 kilometers southwest of Xiashi Haining. Its traffic is very convenient. The home-fabrics trade of Xuchun began in 1983. In 1992, the quilt cover market was founded. In 2000, China Science and Technology Park for Decoration Cloth in Haining was set up. In 2001, China Town for Home-fabrics and Decorations of Haining was built. It is the biggest wholesale market of home-fabrics and decorations in China.


3. Woolen Sweater Market in Puyuan

Puyuan is a town whose silk trade has a history of several hundreds of years. In Ming and and Qing Dynasties, most residents lived on the silk. The woolen sweater knitting trade of Puyuan rose in early 1980s. In 1988, the Government of Puyuan built the woolen sweater market in the west of the town beside No. 320 National Way. Now it consists of ten business districts, and has subsidiary raw material market, wool yarn market, clothing town, freight transportation center, unloading center, etc. It covers an area of 0.57 million square meters with 5,063 business rooms. Puyuan is one of the biggest distributing centers of woolen sweaters in China.

Puyuan Town is 18 kilometers to the west of Jiaxing and 10 kilometers to the east of Tongxiang.

Honghe Town beside Puyuan also has a woolen sweater market. It has 3,370 business rooms. The two markets are separated by the Moon-river Bridge. They are both beside No.320 National Way.