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Measures Taken in Jiaxing to Ensure Grassroots Safety and Stability

Release date:2023-02-14 16:18

Huang Jianfa, deputy secretary of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee made an inspection and survey of Jiaxing’s grassroots social governance during December 13-14, 2022. We should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, accurately grasp the connotations of grassroots social governance, give play to the leading role of the Party building, integrate “autonomy, rule of law, rule of moral and smart governance” into the grassroots governance, strive to create more characteristic brands of the grassroots governance and explore innovative models in the grassroots governance to ensure grassroots security and stability and make Jiaxing’s contributions to building Zhejiang into a leading province in realizing common prosperity and whole-province modernization, according to Huang Jianfa. Such leaders of Jiaxing accompanied him in his inspection such as Chen Wei and Shuai Xie Lang.

He visited Majiu Village of Pinghu City, Comprehensive Information Command Center of Nanhu District, Xishan Community and Boruqiao Village of Haining City to inspect the operation of digital applications and make in-depth exchanges with locals and grassroots officials for local social governance in detail and confirmed Jiaxing’s overall development, security and solid foundation of the grassroots governance. Vibrant, harmonious and stable communities were an important foundation for high-quality development and the construction of a demonstration zone of common prosperity; continuous efforts should be made to uphold and develop “Fengqiao Experience” in the new era, modernize the social governance system, highlight actual results of the social governance, take earlier measures to effectively resolve conflicts and disputes, improve the management of major places and ensure work safety; we should highlight joint contributions and shared benefits, give full play to the role of social organizations to stimulate the vitality of community-level governance; we should make sustainable efforts, timely review the experiences, explore how to build the systems able to be replicated in other regions, and continue to improve the business environment and people’s sense of fulfillment, according to Huang Jianfa.

Huang Jianfa attached importance to high-quality development of education and schools’ safety. In Technician College of Pinghu, Experimental Primary School of Jiaxing and Jiaxing University, he got to know schools’ operation and specific measures taken by them to ensure campus safety and prevent covid-19. The epidemic prevention and control entered a new stage; it was necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of local Party committees, governments and schools, strengthen the analysis and researches of the covid-19 prevention to ensure teachers and students’ health and minimize the impact of the epidemic on normal teaching and research to the greatest degree; it was necessary to speed up the construction of an integrated security system where schools, police and governments cooperate well; all universities, colleges and schools should give play to their advantages, improve educational and academic quality, better inherit and carry forward the Red Boat Spirit and make good use of ideological and political courses to constantly train socialist builders and successors who were well-developed morally, intellectually, physically, aesthetically, etc., according to him.