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2022 Starlit South Lake ·Yangtze River Delta Elite Summit Opened

Release date:2023-02-08 09:52

Yesterday afternoon, 2022 Starlit South Lake · Yangtze River Delta Elite Summit opened in Jiaxing. It was attended by He Xian-president of China Talent Research Society, Chen Wei- secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, Zhang Xuming - full-time deputy director of the Office of Talent of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and was presided over by Li Jun- deputy secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and mayor of Municipal Peoples Government of Jiaxing. Many academicians and experts also attended the opening ceremony who came from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Singaporean Academy of Engineering, European Academy of Sciences, British Royal Academy of Engineering, Korean Academy of Engineering as well as other leaders of Jiaxing such as Chen Lizhong and Shuai Xie Lang.

On behalf of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, the Standing Committee of the Municipal Peoples Congress of Jiaxing, the Municipal Peoples Government of Jiaxing and the CPPCC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, Chen Wei extended a warm welcome to the guests. From time immemorial, Jiaxing has been a city with splendid cultures and great talent, a prosperous city appealing to talent and a city helping talent realize dreams. In recent years, Jiaxing has implemented the first development strategy of integrating into the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta to promote local remarkable development in various aspects. Today, Jiaxing is a culturally rich and self-confident city, a talent-driven, innovative and vigorous city, an open and pioneering city, a happy and harmonious city characteristic of balanced prosperity and a habitable and tourist city of high quality with beautiful rivers and lakes, said Chen Wei.

According to the report of the 20th CPC National Congress, cultivating a large workforce of high-quality talent who have both integrity and professional competence is of critical importance to the long-term development of China and the Chinese nation. Jiaxing’s plan to be built into an important central city of the city cluster of the Yangtze River Delta cannot be fulfilled without talent or innovation. The talent at home and abroad are welcome to participate in the construction of Jiaxing, a city where the CPC was founded, a city that implements various national development strategies and a city that helps realize dreams. Jiaxing has been intensifying efforts to respect, train, attract and give full play to the roles of talent and create comfortable work environment for them.

On behalf of the Provincial Talent Office of Zhejiang, Zhang Xuming extended warm congratulations on the opening of the Summit. The CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee has always attached great importance to the development of talent. Since 2021, efforts have been made in Zhejiang to focus on modernization and common prosperity, build an innovation and entrepreneurship ecology with talent as its core, train, introduce and give play to the role of talent, help them realize dreams, and have made great progress in the work on talent and taken the lead in this respect in China, said Zhang Xuming.

In recent years, Jiaxing has seized the opportunity of the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, implemented the talent-driven development strategy and strengthened strategic sci-tech forces, which has injected surging power into local economic high-quality development. Since 2019, “Starlit South Lake · Yangtze River Delta Elite Summit” of Zhejiang, has focused on talents integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and it has become increasingly popular. It is hoped that the Summit will remain true to its original intention, focus on integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta and strive for actual results so that it can make more progress every year and introduce more talent, talent-based projects and intellectual achievements to Jiaxing, according to Zhang Xuming.

The opening ceremony witnessed the issue of “Talent Vitality Index of 27 Cities of the Yangtze River Delta in 2022”, “Landmark Achievements of the Talent of Jiaxing in 2022” and My Suggestion on Improving the Work of Talent of Jiaxing”. A number of top talent projects and lake-based sci-tech innovation zones began to be constructed such as Green Construction Research Institute of Zhejiang University, Hainer Power System Research Center of Yangtze Delta Region Institute of Tsinghua University, Zhejiang, 6G Intelligent Communication Innovation Research and Development Center of Jinyichang Technology Co., Ltd., Neuroscience Research Center of Jiaxing University, as well as Joint Research and Development Center for Intelligent Interactive Technology of Integrated Information System, Yangtze River Delta Innovation Center of International Joint Laboratory of Intelligent Unmanned Systems, and Research Institute for Future Technology of the Yangtze River Delta of Zhejiang University (Juanhu Lake Laboratory) . In addition, a strategic cooperation agreement on the talent was signed by Talent Exchange Center of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the P.R.C. with Municipal Peoples Government of Jiaxing, and eight high-end talent-centered projects were signed.

After the opening ceremony, a series of activities were organized such as Industry-Talent Integrated Innovation and Development Forum themed by strengthening industrial chains based on the talent and manufacturing industry based on intelligent technologies as well as the coffee break named as Wuzhen Night”.