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The Representatives of “Little Giants” Visit Jiaxing

Release date:2023-07-04 09:57

The action of “Little Giants’ Visit to Jiaxing” was jointly hosted yesterday by Municipal People’s Government of Jiaxing and China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises with a view to building Jiaxing into a leading city where the enterprises as “little giants” that are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products are prosperous.

It is reported that this action aims to gather more resources and factors and strengthen industrial cooperation to make more “little giants” know well Jiaxing and settle in Jiaxing to help Jiaxing achieve economic high-quality development.

“Although it is our first visit to Jiaxing, we find Jiaxing enjoys a good business environment and Jiaxing really offers help, support and service to enterprises. We fully expect to invest more here in the future,” said Fan Guodong, president of Fei Lu Hi-Tech Material Co., Ltd. As a leading city with developed private economy and a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, Jiaxing has always attached great importance to the development “little giants”.

Data show that in 2022, the number of the state-level “little giants” of Jiaxing totaled 104, ranking third in Zhejiang (except Ningbo City), and was the 21st city in China with the number of “little giants” reaching more than 100, ranking fourth among all the prefecture-level cities in China.

In order to guide more small and medium-sized enterprises to develop into “little giants”, Jiaxing has set a target to increase the number of national-level and provincial-level “little giants” to 200 and 1,500 respectively by 2027.

“The number of ‘little giants’ reflects the vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises of a region,” said an official from the Bureau of Economy and Information of Jiaxing. In the critical period to build a strong and intelligent innovation city in the Yangtze River Delta and an advanced manufacturing base, only by strengthening sci-tech innovation and fostering more “little giants” can we inject a steady and new impetus into the construction of a new development pattern, said he.

Just like other small and medium-sized enterprises, “little giants” are also confronted with various difficulties in terms of financing, policies and markets. In this regard, Jiaxing will implement five major actions this year to foster more “little giants”, improve services, enlarge market entities, focus on development and coordinate industrial chains to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises to develop into “little giants” and create a good environment to support their high-quality development. 

“Meanwhile, Jiaxing will award 3 million yuan, 1.5 million yuan and 1 million yuan to the enterprises identified as ‘single champions’ ‘little giants’ and ‘invisible champions’ respectively,” said this official from Bureau of Economy and Information of Jiaxing.