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The Award Ceremony of the 4th Feng Zikai Prose Award Held in Jiaxing

Release date:2023-07-04 09:59

Yesterday morning, the ceremony of the 4th Feng Zikai Prose Award was held in Jiaxing. Wu Yiqin, a member of the Party Leadership Group, deputy chairman and secretariat secretary of Chinese Writers Association, delivered a speech, so did Chen Wei, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee. It was attended by more than 100 people including Fan Qingyu, deputy director of the Publicity Department of the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee, Qi Li and Zhang Donghe-two leaders of Jiaxing, judges, some award-winners, literature fans and the family members of Feng Zikai, Zhu Ziqing and other famous contemporary cartoonists and essayists.

According to Wu Yiqin, Feng Zikai Prose Award is set to commemorate Mr. Feng Zikai’s achievements in prose creation, inherit the excellent tradition of Chinese literature and boost the prosperity of Chinese contemporary prose. Now it has become one of the most influential awards in the contemporary prose field. The prose award this year aims to inherit the value of Feng Zikai’s prose, serve as a vivid practice of Chinese contemporary literature to devote itself to the development of socialist culture, and serve and promote the development of local cultural undertakings. More than 30 award-winning works show a variety of artistic styles and diversified spiritual world, fully demonstrating the value and art of the Chinese contemporary prose. In the new era of China, the literature is thriving and flourishing. Literary workers are duty-bound to tell well Chinese stories and push ahead with the high-quality development of literature in the new era. May Feng Zikai Prose Award continue to make innovation, form its own characteristics and select more high-quality and insightful literature works to make more contributions to the prosperity of the contemporary prose.

On behalf of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and Municipal People’s Government of Jiaxing, Chen Wei welcomed the guests and congratulated award-winning authors. In Jiaxing there is a large number of elegant masters emerged since modern times, and Feng Zikai is just one of the outstanding representatives. This award ceremony is a youth dialogue spanning a century, and a tribute to Feng Zikai's pursuing peace, treasuring life and demonstrating his simple and sincere love. Now, Jiaxing is striving to build a cultural model city in the new era. We will give full play to the unique advantages of Jiaxing’s splendid history and glorious revolutionary tradition, constantly improve the quality of the selection of the works for Feng Zikai Prose Award to build it into a high-level platform for literature lovers of the world to find inspiration, show themselves and create more classic literature works, as well as a famous cultural card with Chinese style and Jiaxing’s characteristics. It is hoped that literary creators can visit Jiaxing more often than not and create more artistic works of quality and morality to show Jiaxing’s hospitality, vitality and urban charm.

It is reported that the organization committee of the 4th Feng Zikai Prose Award began to solicit for essays from all over the world on August 2022, and at last received a total of 8,376 entries, the most in history, and finally selected 1 special award, 11 prose awards, 11 nomination awards and 10 young writer awards. At the award ceremony, “Everything Is Lovely - the Compilation of the 4th Feng Zikai Prose Award Winning Works” was published and distributed, which was followed by wonderful artistic performances such as the dance “Zhanzhan’s Bicycle”, children’s dances “Beating of Gongs and Drums” and prose recitation. After the award ceremony, the participants also paid a visit to Jiaxing to experience the charm of Jiaxing, a city of literature.