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Chen Wei Meets with Ye Qing of Ping An Group of Zhejiang

Release date:2023-07-04 10:01

Yesterday morning, Chen Wei, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee met with Ye Qing, secretary of the Party Committee of Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China in Zhejiang and general manager of Zhejiang Branch of Ping An Property Insurance Company, and held talks on further communication and cooperation. Ni Huping, a vice mayor of Jiaxing, attended the meeting.

Chen Wei expressed his welcome to the arrival of Ye Qing and his delegation and briefly introduced them Jiaxing’s economic and social development. Jiaxing is the city where the Red Boat set sail, a hub city connecting Shanghai, Hangzhou, Jiangsu and Ningbo, a city of humanities with numerous famous figures and profound culture, a charming city with beautiful rivers and lakes and splendid history, and a happy and prosperous city with balanced urban-rural development, according to him. Since the beginning of the year, Jiaxing has deeply implemented the “‘Double Eight’ Development Strategies”, strengthened innovation, tacked reform difficulties and deepened opening up. Its main economic indicators have ranked among the top in Zhejiang, and its high-quality development momentum tends to be strong. Ping An Group is one of the financial life service groups with the most complete financial licenses and the most extensive business in China. Both parties have a solid cooperation foundation and broad cooperation prospects. We hope Ping An Group will continue to pay attention to Jiaxing, keep optimistic about Jiaxing and choose Jiaxing. Both parties can strengthen communication in industrial cooperation, business layout and cooperation model innovation to assist local economic and social development and achieve mutual benefit through more diverse, efficient and high-quality service supplies.

Ye Qing briefly introduced the organizational structure and business development of Ping An Group in Zhejiang. Jiaxing is well located, strong in industrial foundation and excellent in business environment, so it is an ideal city for financial life service institutions to expand business; in the days ahead, the Party Committee of Ping An Group in Zhejiang and its branches will further leverage their unique advantages to closely cooperate with Jiaxing in rural revitalization, enterprises’ sci-tech innovation, health care services and the establishment of social disaster and loss prevention systems, and increase investment to provide multi-level and more comprehensive financial life services to help Jiaxing accelerate the construction of an important central city in the urban agglomeration of the Yangtze River Delta.