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Chen Wei Stressed Full Efforts Should Be Made in Flood and Typhoon Prevention

Release date:2024-01-25 15:45

Now it is the time for heavy floods and rainfalls to happen more frequently. Yesterday morning, Chen Wei, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee made an inspection of the work on typhoon and flood prevention. He stressed that we should thoroughly implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings important instructions on the flood and disaster prevention, and the decisions and deployment of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and the Peoples Government of Zhejiang Province, put the people and life in the first place, get ready to fight serious risks, floods and disasters and work hard at flood and typhoon prevention to ensure the safety of the whole city in the flood and typhoon season. In addition, Zhu Miao, a standing committee member of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and executive vice mayor of Jiaxing, also attended the inspection.

 Located at the intersection of Pinghutang River and Donghuan River, Pinghutang Hub is composed of Pinghutang Pump Station, Pinghutang Gate and supporting buildings. It is one of the main hubs of the urban flood prevention project and is used for preventing urban floods and leading fresh water to rivers. Chen Wei and his colleagues got to know the situation on flood and typhoon prevention through exhibition boards, inspected the operation of the pump station, expressed their thanks to the staff, asked everyone to strictly implement the on-duty system, well protect and maintain relevant facilities and equipment and regularly eliminate hidden risks to ensure that those facilities can be provided immediately and sufficiently when necessary.

The materials stored in the Flood Prevention Materials Warehouse of Jiaxing are mainly used for the flood prevention and rescue at the municipal level and for supplementing the flood prevention materials of each county (county-city and district). In this warehouse, Chen Wei carefully checked those flood prevention materials and their maintenance and management. Finding that submersible pumps, generator sets, sacks, timber piles, shovels, etc. are well stored in the designated areas, he affirmed that and required the departments concerned should check them regularly and know their changes all the time to support flood and typhoon prevention.

What dangers are communities prone to? What preparations have been made for disasters prevention and reduction?  He asked. In Yunyang Community, Nanhu District, Chen Wei had an in-depth conversation with local cadres, listened to their introductions, and checked the emergency shelters and reserves of emergency supplies. In recent years, this community has continuously optimized home-based elderly care services and risks prevention systems, and has become a provincial-level pilot model community in improving disaster reduction. He expressed gratitude to the hard-working primary-level officials, hoping that they can give full play to the advantages of their close contact with the masses, strengthen risk prevention awareness, forecasting and early warning, timely remove hidden dangers and make every effort to protect the people and their property.

Chen Wei stressed that in the flood season, precipitation is huge and severe convection weather happens more often than not, which will bring about dangers and disasters, so it is important to make full preparation for food and typhoon prevention. For the possibly imminent flood and typhoon, we should make practical and effective emergency plans, improve emergency systems and strengthen routine drills. All levels of flood and typhoon prevention command centers should make early warning measures and comprehensive consultations, research and judgment, guide and urge all the regions and departments concerned to strengthen flood and typhoon prevention on the basis of professional monitoring and analyses by meteorological departments, water conservancy departments, etc. We should establish the teams of materials supplies, integrate routine drills into the flood and typhoon prevention practice, give full play to the role of all rescue forces, and strengthen regular and institutionalized drills. We should endeavor to ensure we can well handle emergencies, and strictly implement the leaders-involved 24-hour on-duty system during the flood and typhoon season. The leaders should command at the flood and typhoon prevention front to ensure the immediate disposal of dangers, safe transfer of personnel and effective rescues.