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Efforts Made in Jiaxing to Obtain More Landmark Achievements in Exploring the Paths of Realizing Common Prosperity and New-type Industrialization

Release date:2024-01-25 15:47

Yesterday morning, the South Lake Conference was held in Jiaxing on high-quality development of the enterprises as “little giantsthat are specialized and sophisticated and produce new and unique products”. Ma Peihua, a vice chairman of the 12th National CPPCC Committee, attended the conference and delivered a speech. The conference was also attended by Li Zibin - president of the China Association of Small and Medium Enterprises(CASME), and Chen Tiexiong-a vice chairman of the 12th CPPCC Zhejiang Provincial Committee and Chen Wei- secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee. Li Jun- deputy secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee and mayor of Peoples Government of Jiaxing delivered a speech and made a brief introduction of the city of Jiaxing. Other leaders of Jiaxing attend the conference as well such as Gao Linghui, Chen Lizhong and Ni Huping.

Ma Peihua extended his congratulations on the opening of the conference. According to him, now it is an important stage for Chinas transformation from a big manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing power, and for the innovation and professional development of Chinas manufacturing industry. Efforts should be intensified to encourage manufacturing enterprises to focus on subdivided fields and become “small but beautiful or sophisticated, only in this way can a solid foundation be laid for the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry. Jiaxings history is long and people outstanding. In recent years, its enterprises as “little giantshave sprung up. CASME is closely cooperating with Jiaxing to build the little giants service base of the Yangtze River Delta (Jiaxing) , which is an important measure for CASME to serve local economic development. The high-quality development of the little giants” is inseparable from perfect market environment and governments strong support, and from entrepreneurs continuous hard work, dedication and innovation to develop new products and improve their quality to ensure enterprises sustainable development and strong market competitiveness. It is believed that in the future, more “little giants will be born and thriving in Jiaxing and contribute more to new-type industrialization and Chinese modernization.

Li Jun expressed his warm welcome to the leaders and guests present and his thanks to the friends caring about and supporting Jiaxings development. According to him, Jiaxing is strong in development momentum, comprehensiveness and development potential, solid in foundation, good in location, rich in development opportunities and bright in prospects. It boasts strong innovative impetus for its thriving sci-tech innovation and ability in pooling resources. Jiaxing enjoys a favorable and inclusive business environment, vitality in opening up, beautiful urban and rural environment and urban charm, so it is livable and suitable for starting new businesses. In recent years, Jiaxing has vigorously promoted the industrialization and informatization of the manufacturing industry, actively cultivated the clusters of the advanced manufacturing sector, created high-level industrial parks and comprehensively improved enterprises’ development environment so that manufacturing industries have made great progress and “little giants have obtained a better development environment. We expect more entrepreneurs to choose Jiaxing as the city for their development and investment, and we will provide them with the best service, create for them the best investment, work and life environment most enthusiastically and efficiently and share with them development opportunities and jointly seek new cooperation and create a better future.

At the opening ceremony, five experts and scholars made keynote speeches; China SME Digital Service Platform Jiaxing Zone was officially announced; the initiators of the Service Alliance of Little Giants of the Yangtze River Delta signed agreements together; the leaders and guests present at the conference also attended the exhibition of development results of Jiaxings little giants.