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Strive to Make Jiaxing’s Contribution to Building a Leading Country in Education and Build Jiaxing into a Model City for the Construction of Beautiful China

Release date:2024-01-25 15:48

Yesterday morning, the standing committee of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee held a meeting to study General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech in the fifth collective study organized for the Political Bureau of the 20th Central Committee and the speech at the National Ecological Environment Protection Conference, and to study how to put into practice the spirit of the speeches in Jiaxing. Chen Wei, secretary of the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee presided over the meeting and delivered a speech, and other leaders Li Jun, Gao Linghui and Chen Lizhong attended the meeting.

According to the meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speeches at the fifth collective study organized for the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee clarified the strategic significance, substantive features, methods and paths of building a powerful education country, and is a founding document guiding the construction of a powerful education country. We should deeply understand the strategic targets, directions, core topics and major tasks of building a powerful education country, and transform the study results into concrete actions and strong driving forces.

The meeting stressed that we must accelerate educational modernization, enhance the brand Enjoying Excellent Education in Jiaxing, and strive to write a chapter of Jiaxing in the construction of leading country in education. We should focus on fostering virtue through education as a fundamental task and strive to cultivate talent for national rejuvenation. We should accelerate the construction of high-quality education system and good education ecology, promote the coordinated development of education and sci-tech talent to produce a multiplier effect of promoting high-quality development. We should continue to deepen education reform and innovation to comprehensively improve the modernization of education governance systems and governance capacity. We should continue to introduce and cultivate talent to build high quality professional teaching staff; we should adhere to strengthen the Party’s overall leadership over education, to pull strong joint forces for education.

According to the meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinpings important speech at the National Ecological and Environmental Protection Conference is the latest theoretical innovation results and practical innovation results of socialist ecological construction, which provides direction guidance and fundamental guideline for further strengthening ecological and environmental protection and promoting ecological civilization construction. We should deeply grasp the historic achievements in ecological construction in the new era, deeply grasp the “five major relationships” in ecological construction, deeply grasp the deployment requirements for comprehensively promoting the construction of a beautiful China, and earnestly unify thoughts and actions into the spirit of the important speech.

The meeting stressed that we should deeply implement Xi Jinping's thought on ecological civilizationaccelerate efforts to build Jiaxing into a practice and innovation base of the idea that lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets and a national pilot city in terms of water ecological restoration, constantly improve the bearing capacity, attractiveness and competitiveness of the ecological environment and strive to create Jiaxing into a model city of beautiful China. We will intensify efforts in pollution prevention and control, improve ecological environment quality, accelerate green and low-carbon development to form green production and lifestyle; we will  broaden paths to effectively transform the ecological advantages into a development advantages, strictly implement the management responsibilities local governments, supervision departments and enterprises, hold the bottom line of the construction of beautiful Jiaxing. We should strengthen the Partys overall leadership, improve systems and mechanisms, improve policies and measures, and improve the quality of teams to provide a solid guarantee for the construction of beautiful Jiaxing.

The meeting also discussed other matters.