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“Charity Day Donation 2023” Launched in Jiaxing

Release date:2024-01-25 16:03

Yesterday was the 8th “China Charity Day”. In the afternoon, the launching ceremony of the Charity Day Donation” was held in Jiaxing. Such leaders first made donations to guide and mobilize the public to participate in the donation as Chen Wei, Li Jun, Gao Linghui, Chen Lizhong, Shuai Xielang.

At the ceremony, those leaders went forward in turn to put the envelope with the charity money into the donation box, and the staff of the other municipal-level departments concerned followed suit. The donation ceremony was full of strongly warm atmosphere.

On the day of the ceremony, a “Charity Day Donation” proposal was jointly issued by the Working Committee of the Organs Directly under the CPC Jiaxing Municipal Committee, Civilization Office, Civil Bureau, Federation of Trade Unions, Federation of Industry and Commerce, and Charity Federation of Jiaxing. According to the proposal, from now to November 30, the “Charity Day Donation” started across the city. It is hoped that the friends from all walks of life actively participate in this activity regardless of their donation amount. Meanwhile, enterprises, etc. are encouraged to make targeted donations to strengthen charity assistance and create a kind environment for common prosperity.

The “Charity Day Donation” is established to hope that the cadres and staff of government departments, public institutions and social organizations donate a day’s wages, and enterprises, industrialists and businessmen donate a day's profits, and the whole society is mobilized to make donations. It is a channel to increase the amount of charity funds, and an effective platform for the public and enterprises to make contributions to the charity and an important carrier for the Party committees and governments to care about and support the development of charity.

It is known that since the launching of the Charity Day Donation, more than 78 million yuan has been raised in donations under the support of Jiaxings successive Party committees and governments and active participation, so the Charity Day Donation has played an important role in social charity assistance. In the future, Jiaxing will take this activity as an opportunity, intensify efforts to carry forward the Chinese nations traditional virtue of poverty alleviation and charity, mobilize more social forces to participate in charity, give full play to the third distributions roles to make charitys contributions to building Jiaxing into an important central city in the city cluster of the Yangtze River Delta, and into a pioneer and model city of promoting common prosperity and Chinese modernization.